Paathshaala: Music Review (Hanif Shaikh)

After waiting for ages, Paathshala is finally coming. But not like an old piece work. In fact the album sounds quite fresh with all the songs sung by Salim Merchant, Vishal Dadlani, Lucky Ali and Kailash Kher. Frankly, composer Hanif Shaikh has done some good work and the album is certainly worth listening to, and many of the songs worth a dance too. No wonder the movie has Shahid Kapoor. Here is a review of the album.

On the risk of sounding like Lucky Ali, Salim Merchant starts the album with Aye Khuda in his soulful voice stretched to some higher notes. The song is a beautiful one and as Salim diversifies himself to singing for other composer and proves his worth. Listen to the song for some good music with some likable lyrics and Salim’s outstanding singing.

The second song, Paathshala or Ye Sama Khushnuma, is sung by Vishal Dadlani in his typical style which has almost become his trademark as he is singing songs in quite a similar manner, except some songs like Dhan te nan or Barso yaaron. Not that the song is anything less than it should be or Vishal’s voice less than anyone else for the song. The composition is fine enough and Vishal sings it with the energy it requires. Good one, though nothing great.

Not even a minute into the song, and I knew I loved Lucky Ali and the song, Bekaraar. Hanif Shaikh composes a good song and Lucky Ali sings it in his typical-lovable-enviable-fan-followed voice taking it to all the highs and lows Hanif gives him in the composition. Though the song has just one Antara, I loved the song enough to listen to it twice to fill in for an antara. With that you know how’s the song. Don’t you?

Mujhe Teri Aankhon ki Gehrayi mein Doobne de. Mujhe teri baahon ki jannat mein khone de. Tulsi Kumar is not that bad, but somehow I don’t really like her voice. Anyway, Mujhe teri aankhon ki is a not-that-slow kind love song sung by Tulsi and Hanif himself with nothing really special but the melody is pretty fine and the song is easy on ears. A simple song that will take on you if you give it time to do so.

Aye khuda, teri marzi ke aage kya hoga hai pata, tu jo chahe waisa samaa ho teri razaa, tu jo chahe tapti dhoop mein aye khuda, khilta hua gulistaan hoga, tune banayi raahein, tune banayi manzil, hum le chale hain apna kaarwan, I can’t stop typing the lyrics but I have to, because it’s a music review. Well, I am loving yet another song in the album, from the very first time I heard it, in that soulful voice of Kailash Kher. Kailash sings Hanif’s tune in a way he sang Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s ya rabba, without going too high and going for a slow rendition instead. Interestingly, while Hanif Shaikh has been successful in coming up with a tune that can be called a successor of S-E-L’s Ya Rabba in some way, there seems to be absolutely no repetition and the song doesn’t sound old like KCK’s kaisi hai ye udasi chhayi. Kudos to the composer for that. A job well done by Kailash Kher no doubt.

Paathshala theme isn’t bad either and the chorus there reminds me of childhood serials like Chhutti chhutti and school chale hum ad campaign. A fweet little theme. Forry, Sweet.

Overall, Paathshaala is a good, worth listening to and worth buying album with some wonderful and some good songs. The songs may be a bit old (I do not know if they really are old but with some songs, I felt like they have a 3-4 year old touch) but they sound fresh and a bit different from what has been out in the past some time. One more good thing about the album is that on a quick listening, the remixes also don’t sound bad. So my say is that Paathshaala is most certainly worth a try and actually worth a buy too. School chale hum… aur aap?

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