Muskura ke Dekh Zara: Music Review

Ranjit Barot has always been one of my underrated favorites because of the freshness he generally adds to music. And even though most of his soundtracks are completely non-popular movies, I enjoy some of them quite a lot, Holiday being the most prominent. Muskura ke dekh Zara again has some fresh tracks while some of the tracks have the same flavor as his previous work. Here is a review of the album.

The album starts with KK sung Sahi Bola Re which has a good melody but the song tries to ape the bhaigiri style of sailaru (Josh) and doesn’t make as good an impact as it could have. Ranjit’s music still doesn’t have much noise in the background and also has his typical touches of both Ranjit and KK. A good piece still, for it’s freshness and KK’s beautiful singing. Chorus is the let down of the song.

Muskura ke dekh Zara, the title song of the movie, is sung by Shaan which gives you some idea as to what you can expect from the song. The song is a hopeful-romantic song and Shaan is an expert at saying Bhool Ja. The good part of Ranjit’s music here is that he keeps on experimenting with such typical songs too and the result is not bad. After hearing the song only the second time itself, I started liking it. If you put your mind to lyrics, it will be even better.

Tu Hai Mera Pyaar, the third song of the album, starts with some very romantic music and brings in a new (at least to Bollywood), kinda strange voice of Raja Mushtaq and it sounds like I’m listening to the title song of a finally-I-too-made-an-album-through-T-series. The music of the song is okay, kind ofclichd, and to say it straight, boring. The singer with his voice is icing on the cake for the song, even though his singing is probably not that bad. Or maybe it is. In short, skip this one.

The next number, Chandni, sung by Saurabh Srivastav, is a fresh love song. The lyrics of the song are trite but the music is okay, well arranged, and singing pretty fine. So overall the song sounds not bad and worth a try.

Next on the album is the only female song Roothe roothe sahab mere, sung by Sunidhi and happens to be something I loved. The song is quite noiseless, the music is attractive and even though it’s not tongue-sticking, you like the song the very first time you listen to it. Sunidhi’s singing is flawless as ever and Ranjit does create some good music for her. Also, some wind instruments remind me of Sur, which only adds to the value of the song. Try this one.

Raja Mushtaq comes again with Jab se maine tum se aankh lagayi hai, and sounds better than his previous song as the music too goes bit better this time. The song is something like a ghazal turned into club mode and Barot decides to do lot of experiments here too. Not very great, but you can try and decide if you like it after listening to 2-3 times.

Finally Ranjit comes behind the microphone for the last two tracks, out of which the last is a less than a minute long number called Sangam. So in a way, Aye Dost is the last song of the album that is a lovable and very typical of him piece of music from Ranjit. The song has that signature style of his in the music as well as his usual style of singing. I’d simply suggest you to go for the song if you like Ranjit Barot and try it if you don’t know him.

Overall, Muskura ke dekh zara is an okay, but fresh and free from noise soundtrack which I would recommend to you if you are bored of Pritam and want to go for something more different than Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music. Picks to start with are Sahi Bola Re (don’t mind the chorus), Muskura ke dekh zara and aye dost. And, of course, Roothe Roothe Sahab Mere.

PS: For those who don’t know Ranjit Barot, he is a well known music arranger and creates music for movies at times. He is best known for his theme Mere Watan in Fiza.

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