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Rajesh Roshan has come a long way from Julie to Kites. And here he composes again for the person he does it best. For his very own nephew Hrithik, for their home production, Anurag Basu directed Kites.

Now that the movie has been in limelight for quite some time, and Hrithik has not done a film for years now, expectations from the movie, as well as it’s music, have to be high. This is Anurag Basu’s next venture after his superfantabulousmusical Life in a Metro, doesn’t help lessen the expectations. So here is a review of an album with sky high expectations.

The album starts with KK’s Zindagi do pal ki, a song that is very much expected from Rajesh Roshan and is sure to be a hit within a matter of days. You can find traces of na tum jaano na hum in the song too, though not very easily identifiable ones. A typical but absolutely lovable piece of music from Rajesh that sounds all the better in KK’s marvelous voice. Do listen to the song if you haven’t yet.

The second song of the album, Dil kyun ye mera, sung by KK again, is even more promising, if only you give it some time to place itself in your mind. The song, which starts from the slowest and lowest notes, has interludes in rock mood, somewhat like Metro. KK is flawless again and I am immersed into the song for days now. It’s time you do that too.

The third track of Kites, Tum bhi ho Wahi, is interesting even before it starts as you wonder what are the two rockstars, Vishal Dadlani and Suraj Jagan, going to do when they come together for a song. The song starts on relatively low notes with some interesting beats and goes up to become a rock piece slowly. Rajesh Roshan’s instruments in the background are so very usual of him but sound good. The song is almost instantly likeable, good on music, well sung, worth listening to for lyrics and hence a fairly good thing overall.

At number four comes the most interesting song of the album, simply because it bears the name of Hrithik Roshan, who is singing something for the first time. And along with an absolutely wonderful Suzanne D’Mello, Hrithik does a great job singing Kites in the sky as you find yourself listening to the song and not just Hrithik Roshan. Be ready for some Spanish words there too. Quiero volar…

The last song of the album is Fire. Sung by composer Rajesh Roshan, Vishal Dadlani, Anirudh Bhola, and Anushka Manchanda, the song surprises you when you don’t hear a word until two and half minute into the four and half minute song. So Fire is more or less an instrumental as even the words in the song sound more music than lyrics. Somehow the name of the track and the music there make me feel that Rajesh Roshan was trying to make something Rahman’ish and the result of that process is ‘Fire’. Anyway, the piece is almost as good as Rajesh Roshan could make. No, wait, I think Kaho na pyaar hai had better instrumentals.

Overall, Kites is a likeable, and to some extent lovable album with some typical and fabulous and some not-so-typical but likeable songs. I am already in love with Zindagi do pal ki and dil kyun ye mera, and my guess is after watching Hrithik dance on them, I’ll be loving tum bhi ho wahi and fire equally. Kites in the sky is more of a sophisticated thing that sounds better with every listen. So almost entire album is good, and though it’s not as good as Anurag’s last directorial venture Life in a Metro, it sounds better than Krrish for sure and I can say that for me, the music of Kites passes with flying colours.

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  1. mujhe KItes ke song se pehle se hi koi expectation nahi thi(becoz Above avg songs of koi mil gaya and avg songs of krish) aur kites ke song sunne ke bad mujhe laga maine sahi hi socha tha..zindagi do pal and fire are good but aese bhi nahi ki jyada dino tak hum inhe jhel sake…harsit veer ke review ke bad pehli bar aesa hai ki main tumhare review se agree nahi kar raha hu… waise song bure bhi nahi hai..

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