Kites in the Sky (Hrithik Roshan, Suzanne De’Mello): Lyrics and More

So finally Hrithik sings too. And that in an English and Spanish song, though the Espaol parts are sung by Suzanne D’Mello alone. The song has some good music and lyrics and Hrithik sings his part well. Suzanne is of course a wonderful singer and has done her work wonderfully.

Here are the lyrics of the song, as best as possible. The English lyrics are there as it is and the Spanish parts have been translated to English in brackets.

Quiero volar
Con ustedes esta noche
djame gozar
este momento

(I want to fly
With you tonight
let me enjoy
this moment)

kites in the sky
soaring together
lover forever
forever is a lie

Holds the twine in his hands
What has destiny planned
Will the heart understand
Kites in the sky
Soaring together
lovers forever
Forever is a lie..

Este amor
Me est matando
Lo siento
cmo no tocarlo*

(This love
Is killing me
I can feel it
But how can I not touch it)

Quiero volar
Con ustedes esta noche
djame gozar
este momento

Kites in the sky
Lovers Forever

* = not clear, corrections, if any, invited

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  1. It doesn’t matter what should come between the lines in Spanish regarding the lyrics…..only thing is the song really made an indentation to my heart….really great music and nicely sung by Hritick….it shows music is there in his blood….thanks to Anurag who actually finds a gem from an unused piece of coal….giving Hritick a chance to prove his real metal…at least in musical department….we will definitely wait from hritick for some more good songs… future…..

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