Jaane Kahan se aayi hai: Music Review

Sajid-Wajid touched a high with Veer but it seems they won’t be able to maintain that high for long. Still, Jaane Kahan se aayi hai is a bit better than their average work before Veer. The album has just four songs and two remixes which are more or less all okay. Here is a review.

The album opens with Rashid Ali’s keh do zara which has some good, tried and tested type, well arranged,music and Rashid sings the song well enough to be liked by people if only it gets enough promotion. The song has been added a techno feel that goes well with Rashid’s voice. Overall a good, worth listening to song.

Naacha Main tere naal is a typical Soniye song by Sonu Nigam, along with Soumya Raoh this time. I guess it’s high time Sonu should say no to any song that has the word Soniye/Hiriye. Typical. So typical.

Jaane Kahan se Aayi hai sung by Shaan is a likable song even though it sounds like a mixture of many songs from Bollywood itself with strong influences from some. Shaan is as good as ever in his singing and makes the song click anyway. The music is catchy and a few promos are enough to make you hum the song.

The last original song of the album is Koi rok bhi lo sung by Sunidhi and Sonu Nigam. After a good start, this is the song that could make the album end well, if you do not consider the remixes, but it kind of fails in being what it is made to be. The song is a slow piece and sounds fresh, but the background could have been a bit lighter and it did not need to be sooo slow towards the end. Still, there is not much bad I want to say about the song as I liked Sajid-Wajid’s music for the song, especially the beginning, as well as Sonu and Sunidhi’s singing. Try the song when you are not in a fast-track mood.

Overall, Jaane Kahan se aayi hai is an average or slightly above average album where Sajid-Wajid seem to be trying hard to give variety and good music in a short album, but seem to falter at points. Still the album is worth a try and some of the songs can be heard and liked too. Pick: Keh do Zara.

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