Hum Tum aur Ghost: Music Review

Shankar Ehsaan Loy have become a music factory this year. Before the score of one movie starts fading, they come up with the next. This time it’s Hum tum aur ghost, starring Arshad Warsi and Diya Mirza. With lyrics from Javed Akhtar again. Here is a review.

Dekho Raste mein is a fast, peppy, but nevertheless romantic number that sounds good with KK and Shreya singing wonderfully. Though I feel the song would have sounded better had it been a bit slower. (I have tried the song at 90% and it does sound good) Anyway a lovable song. Go for it.

The second song, Hum Tum aur Ghost, comes with the so-typical-of-him voice of Vishal Dadlani as he sings the title song with Shankar Mahadevan. The song has a likable melody but the pace again sounds overcoming the melody as Vishal-Shankar sing Hum-tum-aur-ghost at such a speed. Still, the music in the song is worth listening to and the sound manages to remain above average.

Banwre se poochhe banwariya or Baawre se poochhe baawariyaa, the third song of the album, is sung by Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan while almost the entire team of S-E-L has been roped in to give chorus sounds and has been credited on the cover too. The song is a fun piece, and quite catchy, something like man ko ati bhaave saiyyan, though not exactly similar.

And the last original song of the album is the one I had started my album with. And interestingly, Kal tum the Yahan IS the best song of the album. Dominique in her wonderful, wonderful voice teams up with Shankar Mahadevan to give this slow, soft song with beautiful lyrics. Must listen.

Talking of remixes, the remix of the title song is quite usual, while the remix of Dekho Raste mein is quite interesting to listen to, more so because it sounds a lot like Pump it up of Chance pe Dance. The last one is the remix of Kal tum the yahan which makes the slow song a bit fast paced one. Didn’t like that one much compared to the original.

Overall, Hum tum aur Ghost is a good album with some likable and sweet songs. Though, while I liked three out of four songs (all except title), I still had more expectations from Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy after KCK. My advice, get the album anyway. If nothing works for you, put kal tum the yahan on repeat n keep listening.

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