Teen Patti: Music Review

Salim-Sulaiman are nowadays giving music which is more movie specific than general, especially so in Pyaar Impossible. This time they get a thriller as Teen Patti, and they create some good music for the movie. The songs may not be hits before the movie, but they sound good enough to fit well in the movie and so, if the movie goes well, which I expect, the songs may be loved by people. Here is a review of the album.

The first song of the album is Sunidhi Chauhan’s neeyat. I had heard the song already on TV but I did not like it that well then. Now after listening to the entire song, I am in love with Sunidhi’s singing in the song. The song is fine on music but it’s Sunidhi who is absolutely wonderful in the song. The only problem: the song reminded me of dil ko hazar bar roka from murder the first few times, though I am not completely into the song and loving it. Hope you love it too.

…and finally Naresh Kamat, the guy who sang ten on ten with Anushka and Mahua in Pyaar impossible and has been there in many films as background vocalist, gets a full fledged solo song for himself as Intezar mein Chhupa. The song is almost rock n quite rocking. Naresh goes quite low n high on notes in the song and while he has been mostly good, he seems a bit uncomfortable with low notes, but the way he turns at the words Intezar mein Chhupa, I just loved that part. Overall, I liked the song, and more because of Naresh’s singing. Hope he does even better in future.

Salim Merchant is a surprise with almost every album nowadays. This time Salim sings a foot tapping number as Teen Patti ke Ghulam, and though there is not much special with the song, especially after singing a number like Ali Maula (Kurbaan), the song adds as one more good and different to the budding list of songs sung by Salim. An average song that, given time, may stick to tongue.

The next number is a full fledged English one, Life is a Game sung by Sonia Saigal, with added dialogues by Amitabh. I’m not very keen on listening English songs mostly but still liked the song. The song talks about life’s philosophy in the language of the film as it talks of equations, mistakes and probabilities too. Okay by me.

The next track is a remix of neeyat. The good thing about the remix is that Sunidhi’s voice hasn’t been much experimented with and so I find the remix fine.

The remix of title Teen Patti by Salim is OK too but I somehow felt that the original number is more danceable which kind of ends the purpose of the remix. Could be better.

The remix version of Naresh Kamat’s intezar mein is more beaty but somehow I didn’t like it much, probably because the songs has more background music than words. Just OK.

The Hindi version of Life is a game is more interesting than it is good to listen. The song has both Hindi and English words and the singers, Sonia and Anushka Manchanda, sing the Hindi and English lines almost without changing the tone. Good to listen. Can work well in background too.

The last song, summertime an the live, is another completely in English number sung by Joe Alvares. The song is probably a Jazz and I quite liked it. (though I am not very sure about the genre) Try the song, you may fall for Joe’s singing.

Overall, Teen Patti is more movie-oriented than ‘musical’, but it sounds good. In fact, after Kurbaan, Rocket Singh and Pyaar Impossible, I was expecting something good from SS, wondering at the same time what they can deliver in an Amitabh Bachchan-Ben Kingsley starrer thriller. But they do well once again. Keep going like that guys.

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