Striker: Movie Review

I was wondering what would be the fate of striker after such less promotion. But now I think the movie can run on word of mouth. Yes, I loved striker. Or at least most parts of it. Though it was a one man show by Siddharth, and it’s only his second Hindi film, the Bomarillu guy knows what he is to do here, and to say the least, he is here to stay, however the movie fares.

When I left from home at 1125 today I was in big doubt if I’d be able to watch the movie today. My volvo moved slow and I was some fifteen minutes late for the show. The ticket guy told me it had just started and I moved into the theater while ajab teri karni Maula was going on and Siddharth was still a child, in flashback.

From then on, I was quite busy with the movie until intermission, and though the intermission looked a bit strange to me, it was most probably because of the initial few minutes I had missed. And while the movie was quite serious even before interval, it grows more so in the second half.

The story of striker is quite new, even though there are many old things shown in a new mould. It’s the same Bombay full of bhais, but the bhais and their bhaigiri isn’t shown more than the story demands. It’s the same guy who used to be victim of circumstances but this one has a mind even with that ’70s anger. Though there are certain things you don’t understand the reason of doing.

The best thing of Striker, though, is Siddharth’s acting. He is superb, and so is his friend, Zaid, Oops! Ankur Vikal. Frankly, it is Siddharth who fills up for some of the slackness of the script. Aditya Pancholi is okay and Seema Biswas is perfect in her small role of a mother. Anup Soni looks good as brother. Vidya Malvade is fine even though I did not understand how she can find her brother in the movie when no goons of Bhai can. Nicolette Bird looks awesome and you can do some good ‘Bird’ watching there. Padmapriya is good in her mute role.

But then, there is something lacking in the film, though I cannot rightly spot it. The movie has an at least above average story, wow acting, good cinematography, some wonderful dialogs, and some fine enough music. But I guess the direction lacks that finesse which makes the movie really great. But at the same time, the movie should be something because I was compelled to think that it could be ‘great’.

So overall Striker makes a good, at least watchable experience. The script of the movie is a bit slack at times but acting fills up for quite a lot of it. And while the movie may not look all that good, there are scenes that move you. In short, the movie looks like a good attempt by a newcomer, though it falls a bit short of the image Chandan Arora creates as the director of Main Meri Patni aur Woh.

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