Music Review – Shaapit: Aditya Narayan is here

The meaning of Shaapit is cursed but I don’t think Aditya Narayan will consider himself cursed for starting his career with the movie. At least the songs of the film suggest that.

Shaapit’s songs are not great but most are certainly good and worth a try. Son of prominent singer Udit Narayan, Aditya gives his voice to four songs out of seven in the movie and sounds fairly good if not a rock star. The interesting part is that Aditya is not just the hero and singer but even composer for a song. Here is a music review of Shapit.

The album opens with a rock version of Kabhi na Kabhi to miloge. The song is a typical Vikram Bhatt song molded into Rock mode. While the song is above average, Aditya is the one who is under the test as he sings his first song as a full fledged singer. Aditya and Chirantan do no big wonder but the song is worth listening to. If you were waiting for the boy to come, you won’t be disappointed.

The second song of the album is one by Nazam Sheraz. Nazam is good as ever as he sings Tere bina jiya na jaaye on his own tunes. You will like it the first time you hear it and the more time you give to the song, the more you will love it.

Next in line is a haunting Ajnabi Hawayein sung by Shreya. The good thing about the song is that Chirantan has not experimented much with the song and presented the melody in Shreya’s beautiful voice with almost basic music. Listen to the song if you are a Shreya Ghoshal fan.

The next song, Chahta tumko kitna dil tum nahi jaante, is my personal favorite from the album. No, it’s not something never heard-never seen type, but I simply loved Aditya’s voice in the song. The song is soft and Aditya’s voice in the song is quite beautiful, even though it has added effects. The song reminds me of the pop age that ran in India in the late ’90s to early 2000s.

And here comes the ‘typical’ version of Kabhi na Kabhi to Miloge at number five in the album. The song has some good old melodious music, the variant which is common in Vikram Bhatt movies. Aditya is fine here while others don’t get much chance. Try the song, you will get a bit old feel here but you might easily like the song.

Hayaati reminds me of Mehbooba Mehbooba from Sholay when it starts, but the music gets kind of too loud and mixed up and the result is nowhere even close. Still, the good part of Hayaati is it’s music that can be popular even with all its shortcomings if the album clicks. Still I would say Hamza Farooqi’s voice could be used for better things. I still remember Man tu talbat from Superstar.

The last song of the album is a wonder for a different reason. The track, Shaapit hua, is not just sung, but even composed and written by Aditya Narayan himself. The song is a good enough composition for a first timer who is the hero and singer as well, and Aditya gets good marks from me as he almost makes the full song on his own, singing it with Sunidhi. The best part is that Aditya has sung the song wonderfully and probably the best of his voice comes in his own compositions.

Overall, Shaapit is a good album with some songs that are more like those of five-six years ago but still work well enough. It may not be one of the best albums of Vikram Bhatt but if the music is anything to go by, Vikram has certainly given Aditya a great launch pad, and Aditya Narayan, till here, performs good enough for expectations, creating more of them.

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  1. hiiiiiiiiiii adiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii., m ur biggest fan nd wanna congratulate u abt ur film, i think d muzic is simply superb nd u hav done a favulous job i luv all d songs sung by u…………u hav a very romantic voice……………………..luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu alwaz…………..

  2. u can b a great singur like udit jee……
    bt never attempt acting………..
    ur future is right dere in singing if u gotta tips from d
    legendry nd all time best udit narayan……….
    if u compose any song nd if u manage 2 make ur papa sing dat song
    it will be a huge hit…………
    believe in ur papa………
    love u adi nd udit jee

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