Prem kaa Game: music review

Raju Singh’s music means mostly catchy tunes, and Prem kaa game is no exception. This time he comes up with some big names like Sonu, Sunidhi, Shreya, Javed Ali and even Vishal Dadlani. The result is nothing great but he manages to make an average album. Here is a review.

Duniya se jo chaha: Sunidhi. Beats. Hip-hop. Raju tries all to make the song catchy though it doesn’t pay much as you get a passable song. The song starts with some catchy beats, and after some five minutes ends without leaving an effect.

I wanna fall.. fall in love: This number has some typical boy-girl talks between Sonu and Sunidhi in some strange Hinglish lyrics, courtesy which you remember that there is a song like that in the album. Passable again though.

Khaan ka Gyaan: is a semi-non-musical (can’t say semi-musical) by Salman Khan where Salman tells you why he didn’t/won’t marry. Surely it’s not worth listening to twice but for once you can. On your own risk, that is.

Magar Kuch to hai: It sounds quite close to Alka’s Tum aaye, and somewhat like Pyaar ki Dastan (Luck by Chance), but Sonu and Shreya’s Magar Kuch to hai has some melody that still has appeal. A song that reminds me of old times but still likable even with all the ‘inspirations’ I talked about. Try the song.

Prem ka game: The Indian crazy frog is here again to sing with Nishant Pandey who gives us some Gyaan in a saintly indifferent voice (now that was an exaggeration) wrapped in techno-tunes. Another song that is okay. Can work IF advertised well (like Bamulaiza, remember the song now?), less chances of the latter anyway.

Tum hi Mere: Javed Ali comes to sing this Pritam-ish song of the album. A typical beat-rhythm song that is so much similar in composition and arrangement that you may feel you have already heard the song before. In fact there is a specific sound after every line/part that sounds very familiar though I am unable to rightly place it. Anyway, you know what I mean the song is like. Average.

Zabardast: Another soniye-jaaniye-hiriye song in Sonu Nigam’s voice with none other than Vishal Dadlani for supporting vocals. Below Sonu’s other Soniye-hiriye songs.

Overall Prem ka game is a strictly average album where Raju Singh delivers average songs almost consistently. None of the songs is absolute disaster and at the same time hardly any song crosses even the average mark. If there is anything worth listening to in the album, you have heard something like that before. So one word review: avoid.

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