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Yup, Click starts exactly on the same note as Shamir Tandon’s first composition Rubaayi starts exactly like Atif’s Doorie even though it changes its path early. The song though is good, and all singers, especially Sunidhi sound well. Lyrics of the song are slightly better than average for a usual love song. Overall, other than Atif effect the opening song of Click is not bad.

The second song of the album, Aameen Suma Aameen Suma, sung by Shamir and Master Saleem is a westernized Sufi song filled with beats. The song doesn’t have much new but sounds okay. Saleem sounds good in the song which is one of the major strengths of the song. Wondering if the song would have been better had there been a different mixing, with less beats and a better Sufi effect.

The third song of the album Mehroom hua na dil kabhi starts with Shreya Ghoshal’s beautiful voice on a melody that would find itself completely in place in the ’90s, mixed with a tune that matches Shamir’s own Roshan Dil ka Jahan from Runway. Shreya and Shaan sing the word Mehroom sounding completely like Roshan from the Runway song. Now it’s not plagiarism when you copy from your own song but Shamir clearly lacks originality here.

The next song of the album which happens to be the title song of the album is sung by Adnan Sami while Shamir’s name appears on all songs anyway. The song is not really great but at least it’s one song that remotely sounds like made for the movie as it has more scope of fitting in the movie compared to previous songs. Also, at 5+ minutes the song looks bit too long.

The next song of the album, Yaadein Yaad Aati Hain, is expected to be the best song of the album as Shamir brings in Three big names together as KK, Vijay Prakash, and Sunidhi. But all those big names don’t make a great impact on you as the song starts. The good part, though, is that Shamir seems to be trying something new after four typical songs. The bad part is that for some reason Shamir decides to keep the music shallow and nothing reaches deep into your heart while it seems KK’s voice has been left largely unused. Vijay Prakash’s nainam chhindanti shastrani is ineffective. A song that could be good I guess. Makes me feel the composer has talent but is not coming out as it should.

The original songs of the movie end here. The next is a male only version of Rubayee, sung by Shamir and Raaj. Though there is hardly anything extra. There are two remixes of Yaadein Yaad aati hain and Rubayee at the end. No comments on them.

Overall Click is an average album with run of the mill songs. There is hardly anything new but whatever is there sounds okay. That is all I can say for now.

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