Atif Concert in Bangalore Kinda #Fail

Yesterday’s Atif show at Palace Grounds Bangalore wasn’t what I had expected from it to be. Neither there was good arrangement nor a show by Atif with standards I had expected. After this show, I’d say that Atif is a huge, but still quite a raw talent.

The show, called Tu Jaane Na, had to start at 7 and 7:20 I reached there with 3 of my friends, two girls among them. The first problem was that my friends were searching rest rooms and there were none available for people with Rs 850 tickets. The lowest one, that is. That is something I have never faced in any concerts anywhere. We were unable to use a restroom even after trying to talk to at least 5-6 people in various teams making arrangements for the show.

Anyway, after a wait of almost an hour Atif was there, in white T-shirt and a brown hat. The guy started singing Bakhuda tum hi ho of Kismat Konnection and got a huge applause. He made a few improvisations in the song and tried more melody, which was likable. Then he went on to sing meri humjoliyaan kuch yahan kuch wahan, ehsaas (main ek fard hoon), Mahi ve, Tera Hone Laga hoon, Doorie, Meri Kahani, Kinara, Parandey, wo lamhe, mahiya ve soniya ve, kuch is tarah, mera piya ghar aaya, allah hu, tere bin, hum kis gali ja rahe hain, pehli nazar mein, sajna tere bina, tu jaane na, Aadat, mostly the Jal band version of it and some more. Besides his own and Jal songs, songs also included some popular numbers of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and probably some of Abida Parveen too. He added lines from Ae Zindagi Gale Laga le while singing ehsaas and sang some lines of Gulabi aankhen too. Expectedly, that was loved by all.

But most of the people didn’t enjoy the show much, probably because Atif sang more as an amateur than an established singer. You must have been to the concerts and have seen instances when the singer stops singing and puts the mic towards the audiences. But Atif did this all the time and sang almost half of what he was supposed to sing, doing too much of it. Another problem was that the songs were very much improvised and there was hardly any song that Atif sang as it was in the movie/album. There were some great notes that you had never heard but much of the improvisation didn’t help the songs too. So it was something like a great band with a superb lead singer doing its rehearsals but even there you would expect him to sing it all.

To put it best, Atif’s show was like a poet’s cupboard where you got some wonderful pieces of art, but then, most of it is scattered so much that someone with high patience only can enjoy it.

Still, there was food and energy drink Cloud 9 available for free that made people (or at least my friends) feel less bad about their money. Also, at the end, there was a drama when Atif left the stage and then the hosting RJ shouted his name and he came back for some repeat performances. The best thing about the drama, though, was that I could go ahead and watch him from quite near the stage.

Atif Aslam in Bangalore

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