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Striker is the new movie of actor Siddharth, the guy known for Rang De Basanti among Hindi cinema followers. The music for the album is created by various composers from Vishal Bharadwaj to Amit Trivedi to AR Rahman’s favorite Blaaze to Yuvan Shankar Raja who is composer of many Tamil and Telugu albums.

The best thing about the album is that it has six different composers and still manages to be good. Something that is not really common with music albums.

Cham Cham Jani Raatein: is a composition of Shailendra Barve and sung by Sonu Nigam. The song, which is more of a qawwali, has a Sufi feel attached to it and Sonu sings the songs wonderfully. You need not listen to the song even twice to decide that. Though a second listening may be required to grasp Jeetendra Joshi’s beautiful lyrics. The most interesting part of the music in the song is the clapping sounds which create some wonderful effect of a moving and stopping music, a different kind of beats. A great work by both Sonu and Shailendra for sure.

Bombay Bombay Tararara Rappa: OK. After the first song, I search for Amit Trivedi’s composition which starts with some dialogs on ‘Bombay’. Amit soon comes into the Dev.D mode and delivers a good track. Nothing like iktara this time by the way. It’s a track full of dialogs like ek chalis ki last local and sounds have a glimmer of Aamir in them.

Aur phir Yoon hua: The next track I select is the one by Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar. Well, it would have been my first but I had heard the Sonu Nigam one in the promos so that came first and Amit Trivedi’s name has got a curiosity value attached, which grabbed me first. Anyway, the song Aur phir yun hua is a track that has a touch of O Sathi re of Omkara and goes almost on the same tracks, but sounds less romantic and slightly less effective. Anyways, Gulzar is good as ever and some of his lines, like phir nahi so sake, ik sadi ke liye hum diljale leave a good impact with Vishal’s soulful music. The try to add some background sounds near the end of the song doesn’t help, but doesn’t make any negative effect either. Overall, a good song.

Haq Se: composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja is a beat based song even though background is not much filled up which gives the song a good a good feel. A touch of South Indian music is anyway clear and since Yuvan sings the song himself with Siddharth, the rendition is a bit rough though words are clear. A good number nevertheless. May be a bit new for you if you have not been in touch with any South Indian songs. 😉

Ajab teri karni maula: The next song on my list happens to be Swanand Kirkire’s composition and his own words in his own voice. The song has minimal music and it’s almost one Dholak that plays throughout the song, supported by probably a harmonium at some points. Overall the song sounds more like a wonderful piece sung by some street singer. All points for Swanand’s naturality.

Piya Saanvra Tarsa Raha: Finally comes the only song of the album with a female voice. The composition of Shailendra Barve is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. The song uses Sunidhi’s voice for a slow rendition with some light background music and the easy composition starts moving almost completely on Sunidhi’s voice though more beats in the background support her later. In short, the song is a good one with some slow music and some good singing by Sunidhi.

Aim Laga Ungli Chala: Theme. Title. Rap. Blaaze. And you know what the song is. A fair song by Blaaze as he sings his composition, worded with Nitin Raikwar. The song will may work well in background in the movie. The song also has a rickshaw mix, oops, ricksha mix which has some added instruments and sounds better as a song and less like background.

Overall Striker is a good album by various composers, singers and lyricists. Interestingly, Chandan Arora uses all the composers almost perfectly to get a variety that was hardly possible with a single composer. A typical song of Amit Trivedi, a South Indian touch song by Yuvan, a street-smart rough rendition of Swanand, and a Vishal Bharadwaj-Gulzar combination can hardly be created by any one of them. Great work by Siddharth. Yeah, he is the album producer for Striker. (Thanks S Yellanki for that one)

Top Picks: Cham Cham, Bombay Bombay.

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  1. guys…please note that siddharth himself is the “album producer” of this album. while chandan’s inputs would surely be there, its siddharth who “extracted” the best out of the best from these composers…all siddhu’s telugu/tamil movies have great music!

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