Raat Gayi Baat Gayi Ratings

After winning the best movie award at the New York South Asian International Film Festival, Raat Gayi Baat Gayi has become a hot property. And now that the movie is out, so are all reviews. Here is a brief analysis.

Taran Adarsh trashes yet another movie with RGBG as he gives the movie a mere one and half. CNN IBN’s Rajeev Masand is better in the choice of his words and gives a balanced review but his rating of 2 sounds a bit low after his words. Times of India’s both reviewers, Gaurav Malani, and a later updated Nikhat, both give the movie a good review with a 3. Anupama Chopra on NDTV almost trashes the movie as she gives away almost entire movie in the review (worst part) even though she gives the movie a 2. By the way, although the end of Anupama’s review is a spoiler I would not like to discuss, it’s something she has rightly found through her sharp eye (The Navneet Nishan story).

Personally, even with its slow pace, I liked the movie. As Rajeev says, the movie somewhere lacks the energy, I quite agree with his words but am not ready to agree that the movie is bad, or bad enough to be given a 2 at least. May be the reason for Rajeev’s (or even other reviewers’ too) bad response is that they thought of it as a full fledged comedy which may change opinions. Anyway, my personal opinion on the movie is Good, that means a 3 out of 5.

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