Pyaar Impossible: Movie Review

It wasn’t really what I was expecting. I thought of a college, a girl, a guy, an impossible love story and the guy running behind the girl while Salim-Sulaiman’s beautiful songs were in the air. Thankfully, Pyaar Impossible isn’t that. The movie has a good story. But since it’s a YashRaj, the kahani gets filmi at times and movie loses a lot of its potential.

Computers, Piracy, Software, Yashraj. Doesn’t sound really matching. But Uday Chopra does a one man job of writing the story, screenplay, dialog, and end of the day, acting too. In short, Uday Chopra gives one of the finest performances of his career and even though he is not able to make you cry in the movie like a Shahrukh Khan, he does play his self made role well enough.

The movie starts in college, with Uday Chopra looking retarded (and at the same time geeky) enough to remind me of Auro of Paa. But then, his look changes, he becomes a man, but his heart remains that of a little boy. Just like his father Anupam Kher, or so Anupam claims. Uday plays a super-intelligent-idiot who does things that make you think so many times how someone can be THAT idiot. But then, that is what makes Uday’s character too. His chemistry (or entire science) with Anupam Kher is amusing in their first few minutes together.

The movie has some wonderful sequences and at times it may keep one hooked, but going with love and computers together is not an easy job and while balancing the two, the story fails to show the seriousness the computer demands. The end of the movie is probably its worst part and things happen way too simply to be believed in the end which makes the movie a mere OKAY from a possible good.

Pyaar Impossible has a small cast with just Uday, Priyanka Chopra, Anupam Kher, Dino Morea and Tanya’s character in the main roles. Uday is good, and so is Priyanka, but while I expected the movie to revolve around Priyanka’s character going by the songs and promos, the movie is all about Abhay Sharma, the character played by Uday. Anupam Kher is a natural, while Dino Morea is much more than a special appearance and he has played his character quite well too. The little girl is good though I do not want to think whether she could be six or not as told in the story.

Songs are another surprising element in the movie. While I expected the movie to be an almost full-fledged musical with five such beautiful songs, it hardly is a musical. Except the first song, Alisha, almost everything fits in the story while one song fits the story of the movie in itself. I loved the way songs are pictured. Especially the title song, Pyaar Impossible.

I guess the story that it was, it might have been better handled by a hardcore director like Shimit Amin, but there are points where Jugal does it well too. In fact, talking of direction, there are instances in the movie where I expected Jugal to fall for some typical YashRaj ways that defy common sense (like suddenly recalling things that you didn’t notice for seven years) but he chose logic over drama. I would praise him for that. Also, one more good thing about Uday’s story is that it’s not a bunch of coincidences. There is only one major coincidence that you can guess in the very start of the movie as the movie is not possible without that.

Overall, Pyaar Impossible is a movie that could be good but ends up being just good in parts and finally just okay; majorly because of its end. The movie is a one time watch but you would be disappointed if you have big expectations from the movie. My advice, unless you’ve been waiting for it, watch it on a DVD. That way you’ll surely get the value for your money.

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