Photography: Understanding the terms

Lets meet the two big guys of photography and consequently proceed to the others..

1. Shutter Speed:

Shutter-speed is straight forward.. It is just the speed with which the shutter closes, or in other words, the amount of time the shutter is open is also called the shutter speed.. Shutter speed like 1/100 (normal) or even 1/3000(high speed, freezes motion) or even 2″(two seconds exposure, used to ‘capture’ motion).

2. Aperture

Aperture is the ‘size’ of the hole through which light enters the camera body and falls on the sensor(or reel). So, logically, the bigger this gets(F 1.4), more light comes in and the smaller it gets(F 32), the lesser light comes in. The Aperture is always the ‘inverse’ so F 1.4 (actually it is 1/1.4) is the widest aperture while F 32 (1/32) is the smallest aperture when the hole is really small. So if you shoot with a huge aperture like F 1.4, you’ll get brighter pictures and if you shoot at F 32, you’ll get darker pictures. Simple…

Point to Note:
The Inverse-Proportion Relation is simple.. one goes up, the other comes down.. If a high shutter speed is selected(1/1000th of a second), then the Aperture must be as large as possible (F 1.4) otherwise the picture will be underexposed, similarly, if a slower speed is selected (2″ seconds), then the Aperture must be as small as possible (F 32) otherwise the picture might be over-exposed… Note: All the talk is with reference to ordinary daylight shooting 🙂

So all that’s left for the photographer to do is to find that perfect balance between the shutter-speed and aperture. More than one combination can produce the exact result.. It’s all about your requirement.. say you want to capture a fast moment, you would go for a high speed and have to go for the highest aperture… say it is very sunny, you can go in for a small aperture with a lesser speed to balance the amount of light..

Is that all ? Apparently there is one more factor which comes in …. Stay tuned ! 🙂

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