Ishqiya: Music Review

Genius + Genius = Superb Work. Mostly.

Well. Ishqiya is something like that only. Here you have Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar. And with them come Sukhwinder Singh, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Rekha Bharadwaj, and, Mika. The result is certainly good.

OK. First, the bad thing about the album. That there are just four songs in the album (packed as seven tracks though) which was a bit disappointing when I saw the track listing. Second, will be updated when found. 😉

Enough, a seriously good album and here comes a serious review. As good as I can right now.

The album starts with the ever so beautiful Dil to Bachcha hai ji by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The song, that gives a feeling of made in ’60s, gives a fabulous start to the album. Simply love the song. No long words. Though a few not-so-gracious words also go there in the smooth rendition of Rahat. 😉

The second song of the album is the first look song, Ibn-e-Batuta. The song has Vishal’s favorite Sukhwinder along with Mika. Vishal has once again shown his mastery in composition as the song has almost a horn sound in the start which becomes part of music. Mika has succeeded in giving the song a drunken feeling in between. Gulzar’s lyrics are more interesting than meaningful here, but then, smallsubtletiescan always be found there, like dono taraf se bajti hai ye aye haye zindagi kya dholak hai. The song is full of road signs by the way. Full masti song for the chartbusters’ list.

It’s not very common that I feel like an idiot, especially regarding popular music. I love Rekha’s voice, but when Ab mujhe koi intezar kahan started, I thought why is Rekha’s voice used here, and that it could be a better song if it was sung in a higher voice, even if Rekha’s only. But as the song proceeded, it didn’t take long to realize my mistake, that of thinking that a normal, regular voice would have been better there. Ab mujhe koi intezar kahan is one of the best songs, maybe better than… no, I don’t think the songs can be compared here. Gulzar’s lyrics are really good in the song and he’s at his usual best, and Rekha’s voice has done complete justice to the lyrics which was not possible with some ‘regular’ voice I was thinking about.

The fourth and the last original song of the album, Badi dheere jali raina is a typical song that can be expected from Rekha-Vishal-Gulzar combination. A song with a slight classical touch, a flicker of O saathi re of Omkara. Great again.

Next comes the remix of Dil to Bachcha hai ji. This time the song is remixed and supported by Clinton Cerejo (the guy who sang Kya Karun in Wake Up Sid) and sounds okay and not as bad as some other remixes. The next is Ibn-e-batuta Nucleya mix, featuring the sound from Maa da ladla bigad gaya (that munda sada sound like a parrot). The ibn-e-batuta remix maybe used by DJs once the song gets a bit old. Though a few new things are tried, there is not much in the remix to look for.

On the whole, Ishqiya is a wonderful album, which is though on the lines of Omkara, is better as it has more class element than so-called-mass element. Still I won’t wonder if the masses luuuuvvv the album. My guess is that even if not all, Dil to bachcha is one song that will be loved by all types of audiences.

It’s over. Go, buy it.

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  1. I’ve heard the above mentioned tracks and I agree its one-hell-of-an-album.
    I cant remember how many times I have listened to “Dil to baccha hai ji”… The song has that charm about it… it will make you listen to it time and again.. Ibn-Te-Buta is good too.. Rekha Bharadwaj has sung her 2 songs brilliantly too..
    I must say I had lot of hopes from Ishqiya’s music.. and Vishal has certainly not disappointed.. Looking forward for the film’s release now 🙂

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