iBangalorean: BMTC Vajra, One More Incident

It was one of my regular trips. In fact the most regular one. From the whitefield bus stop to my office, ITPL. As I saw a 333P coming, I waved to the bus and since the bus had to drop people there, it anyway stopped. I got into the bus and sat in the front seats. The conductor, who was in the seat right behind the driver’s, did not move. The small journey was about to end and the bus was at its last stop, ITPL (yeah, like common man, BMTC also calls International Tech Park Bangalore/ITPB by its old name ITPL only). The conductor in his bored mood asked me if I had pass. I clearly gave him a ‘No’. He started talking in Kannada as he was clear that I wasn’t a native Kannada speaker. Now, this is a standard observation that whenever the local conductors want an edge, MOST of them start talking in Kannnada to non-natives which generally results in them getting money as people just want to leave.

Anyway, the word he kept clear in English for me was change. Since I can get some Kannada too, I was surprised because when I asked him for ticket, he asked for a change of Rs 15. Then when I asked him in Hindi (he didn’t deny understanding Hindi, nevertheless speaking Kannada, no complaints about that anyway), he told me he wanted Rs 15 change for ticket. I told him that it was my regular trip and I knew the ticket was Rs 10 only. As I raise my voice a bit, he decided to play it cool and check the list in his hand, and finally got to know that it was Rs 10. Now he tried to take out the ticket, but then, he knew (and I had guessed) that it wouldn’t come out because he had already closed the entry for the journey and could not generate a ticket from anywhere to ITPL. So the guy simply asked me for Five rupees change, for his own pocket of course. At this time, the bus was moving slowly in front of ITPL and the driver took a U turn as it goes back from ITPL while talking to the conductor regarding the entry.

I coldly told him that I won’t give him a rupee if he didn’t give me a ticket. Now obviously the guy was pissed enough not to let me leave like that, so he took out a ticket which was FROM ITPL to Hope Farm (I had come Whitefield -> Hope farm -> ITPL, and ticket between any two is Rs 10 only) which was obviously for his new journey and then I gave him the ten rupee note which I had took out right after entering the bus.

Finally, I came out of the bus when it was opposite the ITPL and I had lost some five minutes to the conductor. Coming out, I saw a stare on his face, and sadistically, I had a smile on my face.

PS: Here is a pic of the ticket I got.

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