Hey Ya! Karthik calling Karthik

It’s for the first time that I am posting two links for one movie, and almost one song only, for the second time in 24 hours. But then Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy’s music is so addictive, that I cannot help it. Here it comes.

By the way, the biggest doubt with the super song is that the voice sounds like that of Farhan but the credits say that the singers are Clinton Cerejo (Kya karun, Wake up Sid), Loy Mendonca and Shankar Mahadevan himself. Got to believe this for now until I get the CD on my hand.


Hey ya!
I wanna get closer to you
I need to be closer to you
I got to tell you how I feel
O baby you’re the only one for me
tumhe kaise main bataun kya main pa gaya hoon,
tum jo mere sath ho,
mujhko duniya mil gayi hai zindagi badal gayi hai
tum jo mere sath ho…

hey ya! hey ya!
haseen haseen hai ye safar
saji saji ye rahein
jhuki jhuki hai ye nazar
khuli khhuli ye bahein
meri palkon palkon sapne chhaye
haule haule dil ye gaaye
mujhko duniya mil gayi hai zindagi badal gayi hai
tum jo mere sath ho…
ooooo… baby..
hey ya!
(the only one for me..)
hey ya!

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