Chance pe Dance: Movie Review

It’s predictable. It’s typical, old Bollywood material, with hardly anything new. As they say, Kahani poori filmi hai. It doesn’t have absolutely stunning performances. But Chance pe Dance is watchable, at least if you have nothing better to do, or, if you are a fan of Shahid’s dance.

Now that I have said so many bad things about the movie, I need to decide and tell you why I found it watchable. For one, Shahid and Genelia both have done a good job. While Genelia, like always, looks good, doing her whatever-given role finely, Shahid Kapoor has not only danced but acted fairly well too. Also, there are numerous good scenes in the film, and even though predictable, the movie doesn’t exactly bore you.

And of course, if you have an eye for Shahid Kapoor’s dance, you may like the movie anyway. He starts right from the start and keeps your foot tapping. The music is good but Adnan Sami leaves scope in places. For example, Pump it up hasn’t been the great song it could be with its wonderful foot tapping beats. Sandeep and Ken’s Just do it is good as you might have already seen.

The end of film is quick and comes quickly too, without much hullabaloo. Something that doesn’t make you all that euphoric you might expect. But the last scene of the movie is good again when Sameer becomes a star.

Talking of acting, while Shahid and Genelia are good, Mohnish Behl’s sincerity shows on his face. Still, if Rolly Ji (Rishi Kapoor, Luck by Chance) is a standard for a movie making man, Mohnish is way behind, mostly because of the script. Parikshit Sahni is good enough as father even though he is capable of much more. Satish Shah comes in for a small role while child artistes are fine. Matter of fact, CPD doesn’t really give much chance to anyone other than Shahid, and for a bit, Genelia, who, too hasn’t been given her fair share of dances especially playing a choreographer in the film.

The good part of the film is that it has some good acting and even better dance moves by Shahid Kapoor. The bad part is that you always remember it’s a movie and know what is going to happen next. As I said, watch it if you love Shahid’s dance and/or have nothing better to do.

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