Best lyrics of 2009

No. This is not a poll/vote/awards or any fight like that. Here I am simply sharing some good words of the year 2009 that I found appealing due to various reasons. It can be a line, a mukhda, an antara, a complete song, or a complete album. So here comes my list. Don’t worry about numbers. They’re just for time pass.

1. Aarambh hai prachand: This list could hardly have a better start. I still remember that from the Gulaal promo during Dev.D, I had taken only these words home. I love the entire song, but the first line, Aarambh hai prachand gives the song the start it deserves. And then, there was Duniya, composed, sung, written by Piyush Mishra. Ye Duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai was probably the best tribute Sahir could have. Through the genius of Piyush Mishra.

2. Sapno se bhare Naina: Believe it or not, I consider them one of the best lines composed by Javed Akhtar ever. When you start withChhoo le ise sagar jise har koi maane, you think it’s good. The next line Paani hai wo ya ret hai ye kaun jaane, even better, wow. Superb. And then, the next two lines beat them, Jaise ki din se rain alag hain, sukh hai alag aur chain alag hai and I thought that was the climax, until I heard par jo ye dekhe wo nain alag hain, chain to hai apna sukh hain paraye. The giant wave has passed from over my head. No matter what Shankar Mahadevan sings now. I am mesmerized. Drenched in those words.

The good part is that Luck By Chance had wonderful lyrics throughout the album. Other than Sapno se bhare naina, there was Ye zindagi bhi which was good (chhoone hain taare ise), baawre (watch Hritik dancing in the circus and meanwhile they tell you the story of entire film industry), and O raahi re, a typical ‘best of Javed Akhtar’ thing.

3. Kaminey: Now that I have talked about Javed Akhtar, I want to talk about Gulzar and so comes Kaminey. Movie, and the track. Vishal Bharadwaj’s music and voice with Gulzar’s lyrics. Something must be there, I thought. And it was. Jiska bhi chehra chheela, andar se aur nikla, maasoom sa kabootar naacha to more nikla. Also, it took sometime to digest, but I loved the lines of Fatak: Ye ishq nahi aasan, aji aids ka khatra hai, patwar pehen jaana, ye aag ka dariya hai. Superb, for sure. Though I won’t say it’s Gulzar material. 😉 And then, there was one line in Raat ke dhai baje that I loved, just a line: Ek hi lat suljhane mein, saari raat guzari hai, chand ki gathri sar pe le li, aapne kaisi zehmat ki hai. Yes, that is typical Gulzar.

4. Kurbaan hua: It came well near the end of the year, but I am breaking the rough chronology here not only because I loved the lyrics of the song, but also because it makes my most commented post. The song, Kurbaan hua, definitely had some great music and Vishal Dadlani sang it wonderfully, but the words of Niranjan Iyengar are certainly good. While the song has some great lines like Jal uthe meri kufr se saanso ka ye sama, the interesting thing is that the song gives a summary of almost entire movie. Use of Urdu words is almost perfect, in a way that they are used to make things crisp.

5. Emosanal Attyachar: Tauba tera jalwa, tauba tera pyaar, tera emosanal attyachar. Words so casual that you rarely think they mean anything until you sing them for yourself, which happens quite commonly with me. Emosanal Attyachar is something so common, especially in India that it starts right from the family and keep going with friends, girlfriends and even at work. The words were so interesting that they almost replaced the phrase ’emotional blackmail’ in the dictionary of Urban youth. Awesome lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya.

Talking about more words of Dev.D, there are a lot I like, but the only ones that I’d mention here are kahan chali gayi hai saali khushi, and Hadd nazar ki jahan talak hai, ik bharam hai, wo jo dhanak hai (ek hulchul si). Good ones.

6. Genda Phool: Whenever I make a list about songs and music, Dev.D is followed by Delhi 6. So why leave it here. Genda Phool is something that was not just awesome on music but had some great singing and good lyrics as well. I mean, be it the antara bush shirt pahine, khaye ke beeda paan or the very starting saas gaari deve devar samjha leve, sasural genda phool, entire song was good. Superb job by Prasoon Joshi.

Rehna tu was great too, though I am still trying to grasp why the so-so-romantic song suddenly went into philosophy with hath tham chalna ho, to dono ke daayein hath sang kaise. It feels like the song suddenly changes a world and goes to glass adha khali from Jaane tu ya jaane na. Strange, but nevertheless good. By the way, one line I had almost forgot to mention is from Delhi 6 title song where the lines go casually: Iske bayein taraf bhi dil hai, iske daayein taraf bhi dil dil hai, and suddenly says ye sheher nahi mehfil hai. One word to make some awesome lyrics.

7. Chor Bazari: This song comes ‘up’ in the list because Star Screen recommended it. Else, it would go a bit more down. By the way, if you haven’t got it, the order of songs is based on how much and how badly I want to write about a song and nothing more. Also, one movie, once started, has been finished then and there.

So, talking of Chor Bazari, the song certainly did not deserve a ‘best’ award as there were much better lyrics out there, but the song was good. Firstly, the song was so matter-of-fact, showing what happens with so many urban youths today and secondly, it was all in good spirit and fit the movie so well. Good work by Irshad Kamil.

8. Dhoop ke sikke: This was one underrated song of the year, even though it got some publicity while the movie could not get any. The lines baarood jab bachcha tha wo titli pakadta tha, wo amiya bhi churata tha, patango par jhagadta tha.. are good. But where it comes to magar dhokhe se tumne uska bachpan bhi to loota hai, zara dekho to uski aankhon mein wo kabse rootha hai make it awesome. Great work by Prasoon again.

9. Aye Saaye mere: Oops! Where did this come from? Well, this song of New York (yes, it was there in the album) was composed and sung by Pankaj Awasthi and written by Junaid Wasi. The bad thing about the song turned out to be its music which wasn’t very catching and worse, it got no publicity and no picturization in the movie. I love the lyrics of entire song and the lines mathe pe sabhi ke likh de, hathon pe sabhi ke likh de, zyada na koi na kam ho, ik naam sabhi ka rakh de are kind of hard hitting. The song definitely deserved more according to me.

10. Give me some sunshine: Swanand Kirkire is a genius. Be it Hazaron Khwahishen aisi, Khoya khoya Chand, or even 3 idiots. He makes himself heard. Here he made a song that did wonders, but the bigger wonder was the lines he added to the song, lines so good that Sharman Joshi’s recitation of those lines equals Sonu Nigam’s singing in the movie. Just in case you haven’t got it, I am talking of kandhon ko kitaabon ke bojh ne jhukaya, rishwat dena to khud papa ne sikhaya… and then, beating it with likh likh kar pada haathon par alpha beta gamma ka chhala. concentrated H2SO4 ne poora bachpan jala daala. No words for his words.

At the same time, Jaane Nahi Denge tujhe was superb and Behti hawa sa tha wo was good after I found its relevance in the movie.

11. Jashn hai Jeet ka: Yet another underrated song according to me. This song of London Dreams reminded me of Shakespearean era. The lines Main to akele chal diya Haathon main leke patwaar, Manjhi pe mujhko nahin ab thoda sa bhi aitbar and maine dhakel ke unhe, chheen ke le li roshni, mere hisse ke ye savere, mere hisse ki zindagi were wonderful. Or rather, the entire song was. The song not only puts the entire movie into it, it also made me feel that the movie was somewhat like Julius Caesar, about friends and ambitions, which it actually was. Loved the song.

Also, Khwab ko raag de had good lyrics, but then, it’s quite regular for Prasoon now to give that good lyrics.

Besides these, Dil Ibadat kar raha hai of Tum mile too had some good lyrics. The lines teri yaadon mein rahoon, tere khwabon mein jagoon, mujhe dhoondhe jab koi, teri aankhon mein miloon were wonderful in the song. And while Mann ka Radio had a good message, it lost its seriousness with full-too-attitude. Still, some of the words in the song were new and gave a good feel.

I guess that’s all from me for the year. I hope there are even better words for us to listen to in the new year. With Ishqiya, the start has been good of course.

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  1. feeling very sleepy, but I have to tell you this!

    ‘Genda Phool’ is a folk song of Chattisgarh. And i suppose – the lyrics too are the same as that song. 🙂

    Will comment on the list in detail, but sometime later.
    For now, Loved it! It has soo many of my personal favourites!!

    Keep writing 🙂

  2. Naah it doesnt deduce the quality ofcourse, just that Prasoon Joshi doesnt deserve the credit for it perhaps, You know… 😉

    And before you take me wrong, I am a huge huge huge fan of that guy 🙂

    About the list, Kaminey was one song which really left me speechless. And well.. from Gulaal, i believe each song is as brilliantly penned as the other!

    Sapno se bhare Naina just proves how well Javed Akhtar understands human thoughts. I mean seriously.. How can he and Gulzar be so so sooo good..!!

    However, I *do* believe Chor Bazari is a cult song. And thanx for the idea, I will soon write a post on the same topic may be..!! See you there! 🙂

  3. @Mitaysh

    Thanks Sirjee. Regarding Kala Bandar, I’d say it was a nice try. But the end result had become kind of preachy. So much so that many people didn’t like it. End of the day, a song has to entertain too. Kaala Bandar makes u think, but doesn’t get any emotions. So I didn’t add, but yeah, Prasoon did a good work there on the message. 🙂

  4. Hey Harshit,
    Came across your blog today.I am ardent music lover and a movie fanatic like you.I loved the album of Kaminye, especially the title track and ‘thodey bheegey’. Then Rehna tu from Delhi 6 has been my all time favourite, soothing music. just wanted to add to your comment about the lyrics.its a romantic song. the first line rehna tu hai jaise tu,thoda sa dard tu thoda sukoon… its beautiful as it speaks the heart of the one in love. One accepts the person one loves as he/she is, which is why its true continue the expression or the feeling… haath thaam chalna ho toh dono k daaen haath sang kaise… its so true! how can both people be alike, there will be differences too but its their mutual feelings, passion for each that brings them close. so why hesitate when you know you love each other more than anything?

    Good work though! 🙂

  5. nice round up. dffer with you on arziya lyrics though.. each line is a gem: goose bumps stuff. this is what writing is about. salaam joshi sahab.

    Arziyan saari main,
    Chehre pe likh ke laaya hu,
    Tum se kya maangu main,
    Tum khud hi samajh lo,
    Darare darare hain maathe pe maula,
    Murammat muqadaar ki kar do maula,
    Mere maula..

    Tere darr pe jhuka hu, mita hu bana hu,
    Tere darr pe jhuka hu, mita hu bana hu,

    Pyaas leke aaya tha dariyaa wo bhar laaya,
    Noor ki baarish mein bheegta sa tarr aaya,

    Sar utha ke maine to kitni khwahishein ki thi,
    Kitne khwab dekhe the, kitni koshishein ki thi,
    Jab tu rubaroo aaya, aaaa,
    Jab tu rubaroo aaya, nazre naa mila paaya,
    Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein, hooo
    Sar jhuka ke ek pal mein maine kya nahi paaya

  6. I totally agree with the song list, rather i am surprisingly happy that some gems like”aarambh hai prachand” or “khoya khoya chaand” have been ever noticed by some intellects too.

    there are still some songs which deserve their indentities at right places but have been ingnored. will list them later.

    but anyway , gud to c all this

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