Accident on Hill Road: movie review

This movie review isn't spell checked. Cannot revisit the movie once again.

When I started watching accident on hill road I was wondering if this would be my sure shot worst movie. Thankfully, it wasn’t that sure shot. But it certainly was one of the worst.

Celina jaitley might have found a script with a good role for herself, but neither the direction was as good as the small story needed, nor Celina was good enough for the job with her limited acting skills.

When the movie started, it was like I was watching a dress rehearsal of school play. And since the movie wasn’t occupying my mind at all, there were a lot of things I was wondering about. Like, was this movie made as a commercial or an offbeat, though it wasn’t good for either. And if it’s possible to drive with that much drugs on, and if we have IVR facilities in our hospitals, that too so irritating. Logic is something that I don’t apply to all films and this movie was hardly a place to apply logic because if I did that I would only be found counting numbers.

OK. The movie is crap and I don’t think I have much to tell you about it. If there is anything, it’s spoiler. I mean, in case u watch the movie, just in case of some emergency or something, it’ll make the movie even worse if I give away the movie here. In case u don’t watch it, the story is anyway not worth knowing about.

So I would just tell a bit about the characters/actors. Celina Jaitley, the heroine of the film, may not have done any good to the movie but for the first time she got a long role which might do some good to her in her small role movies, at least the practice may help. Farooq Sheikh doesn’t have much to do and whatever it is, it’s nothing big for an actor of his caliber. Regarding Abhimanyu Singh, I do not get why he did a movie like this after having worked in a movie like Gulaal and at a time when he has Ram Gopal Varma’s Rakth Charitra in his hands. While Celina’s friend in the movie, whose name is not mentioned in the cast of the movie anywhere, tries to make up a Gujju accent and fails miserably, Rukhsar once again manages to look not only beautiful but as stern and evil as her little role asks her to be. Shobha Khote and Shammi also get roles for seconds. I wonder what got all these great artists of their time (from Farooq Sheikh to Shobha and Shammi) to do this movie.

There is hardly any music in the film and the only song Nasha Nasha fails to affect other than for its sleazy scenes. The only people who have performed up to the expectations are the greedy eyed neighbor, Aju, the child who plays near Celina’s garage, his family, and the neighbor’s dog. And yes, Rukhsar.

Do not watch the movie until you get 500 bucks for it. That is the least deserved thing.

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