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Salman Khan’s Veer was my first surprise of the year. When I saw the credits, I was surprised, nah, almost shocked to see the name of Rekha Bharadwaj and Sharib-Toshi with Shabaab Sabri, and I confirmed again that it was composed by Sajid-Wajid. And it was. And then, I heard it. Yes, it was a surprise. So here is my music review of Veer.

Composers: Sajid-Wajid
Lyrics: Gulzar

Taali: Sukhwinder Singh, Sonu Nigam, supported by Wajid and Neuman Pinto. Gulzar. And a rage inducing tone. Even though Sajid-Wajid don’t create an Omkara, the song is not bad. Gulzar’s lyrics Taali maar do hatthi veera taali baj jaygi, matthe bindi pairan mein bhi laali saj jaygi sound good. A decent start of the album. Above the average of Sajid-Wajid if you count some of their past movies. Sonu Nigam helps the song sound more natural. Sonu is wonderful again. Sukhwinder is typical himself, especially on higher notes.

Surili Ankhiyon wale: For this song Sajid-Wajid call Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and as I hear the song, I am in doubt if Sajid-Wajid are so underrated because they don’t get big singers. The song – a slow, beautiful tune – is quite up to the standards of Rahat (even without an alaap) and he sings it perfectly. The English verses of Suzanne are good, though it feels it’s a try to create something like Lagaan. Whether it looks natural will be decided by the video. Hear the song for Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Salaam Aaya: If the big names have not been enough for you yet, here comes another one. Roop Kumar Rathod. A light, melodious, but very normal tune gets the voice of Roop and you get a lovely song. Shreya is fine. Suzanne De Mello doesn’t get much though. Nothing big in the song, but worth a listening for its melody and Roop Kumar Rathod.

Meharbaniyan: This is one song where Sajid-Wajid suddenly come down to the music of a typical Salman Khan film. Sonu Nigam sings this not required song which goes far from the look and feel of the movie and even other songs. Makes me reconsider my reconsiderations about the movie.

Kanha (Thumri): This song belongs to Rekha Bharadwaj as Sajid Wajid take a high jump back to good and give a wonderful tune, one of the best of the album. Sharib-Toshi here work not as lead singers or composers but as Sabri brothers singing pavan udave batiyaan in the background with Shabaab Sabri. Must hear.

Taali (Solo): Sukhwinder Singh is good enough to take any song on his own all alone, and so Sajid-Wajid send him behind the microphone to sing Taali, a six minute song alone and create a Sukhwinder effect. And he does it perfectly.

Surili Ankhiyon Wale (Duet): It’s strange. While one song claims a ‘Solo’ version, the other has a ‘Duet’ version. 🙂 Never mind. Nowadays composers in the industry don’t take risk and give as many versions of a song as they think can be liked. So here comes a duet version of Surili Ankhiyon Wale which is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan along with Rahat. Sunidhi comes quite late in the song, but leaves her mark there. Go for the song.

Spirit of Veer: As you might have guessed from the promos, the spirit of Veer is quite small as it’s all body. 😉 Not worth a mention. Ends as soon as it starts.

Overall, Veer is, surprisingly, an album above average and quite above expectations, at least mine. Sajid Wajid have, with one exception, not wasted the lyrics of Gulzar at all. Big names are here and they have been treated well with the music. Try it even if you had decided not to do so.

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  2. I consider “taali” is d best in d entire album!
    I mean d film is almost a year old yet i lovf to hear it on my earphones. D song is not of those category of songs dat d duo has been known for
    But d song seems a bit Rehman’s creation.
    Luv u sajid wajid.

  3. acc. to me sukhwinder singh is better singer than rahat fathe ali khan and other singer ..he is only one singer who have high level of singing…and quality ….
    level of singing of sukhwinder singh in high as comp. to rahat fathe ali khan… u also see kalash keher…..sukhwinder is best….

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