Ranbir Kapoor at Forum, Bangalore

It was the first time I got to see a movie celebrity. And it happened to be Ranbir Kapoor, who had come to Forum Value Mall at Whitefield here for the promotion of Rocket Singh. When I entered the mall at 3.30, the mall was already full of fans.

Forum administration had set a small stage in the center and were passing the time with random acts till the star arrived. During that time even I got some share of stage and sang a few lines. While a young-at-heart telecom called Raja stole the show with a wonderful rendering ofkora kagaz tha ye man mera.

As Ranbir entered the main hall of Forum Value Mall from lift at 4:50 PM, people were roaring his name all around. The guy was in a dark pink pullover (or whatever you call it, the pics are here) and looked awesome, especially to girls. 😉 The star even shook hands with many fans while entering in the typical stars’ style and reached the stage after taking a longer round than the security wished him to have.

Along with Ranbir, the director of Rocket Singh (and Ab tak 56 and Chal De India) Shimit Amin and writer Jaideep Sahni were also there.

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