Movie Review: Rocket Singh – Salesman of the Year

Warning: Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year is NOT Chak De India.

Rocket Singh is not a typical Yash Raj product. It’s real time, not larger than life, and it has small people. The way Rocket Singh says in the advertisement, 37 percent, with grace marks. So do not expect a Shahrukh Khan who spreads his hands and the world falls between them. Rocket Singh is not about Spiderman, it’s about a salesman.

Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor.Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year belongs to Ranbir Kapoor. From start till the end, he runs the movie on his shoulders. Not that others aren’t good, but then, he is THE hero of the movie and the parts where the movie gets a bit slow and maybe boring is the few minutes where Ranbir doesn’t come on screen. Hence, the name, Rocket Singh.

Let me start with opening credits. Because that is where they start the movie, with a grandfather and grandson. We do not need parents for the story, so their story does not exist. Welcome to the graduation party, the end of college. Fast and furious. And enter the real world. Might sound like Wake Up Sid, but this Sid is already up. He knows he’s 37% and has to become a salesman. But then, honesty comes in the way. And so comes the learning. The hard way, of course. That makes the story of Rocket Singh, oops, Harpreet Singh Bedi. HP.

The good part of the movie, other than Ranbir Kapoor is that the small world of sales and salesmen has been shown really well. Though the bad part, for the business, is that the world of sales may be too small for some viewers to like. Also, the movie has almost no heroine, and just one female in a strong role, which unfortunately is more or less the reality of our businesses. In fact, I was wondering if the picture of Indra Nooyi on a paper rocket on Ranbir’s scooter was just a coincidence. Probably not. No wonder if some ladies like the movie less.

More good about the movie is cinematography and Salim-Sulaiman’s background score. Ranbir makes a superb Sardar and looks as good as he acts. Music of the film is fine. But while Pocket mein Rocket is not there in the movie, the other two songs have not been in the market for long enough time and hence don’t have the desired effect. Guess Shimit Amin is not that interested about selling the music, but the movie, which runs on the background music even in absence of songs.

Actors, other than Ranbir Kapoor too, are fine and fit in their roles. The cast is really small and roles to-the-point. Prem Chopra looks good as a good grandpa. Gauhar Khan is unbelievable. Not that she has done something huge but she’s more than just an item girl here. Giri’s character is interesting though it makes (computer) engineers look like born-frustrated. Boss is good except for his highly stylized mustaches, hardly matters that one.

Jaideep Sahni has done a great job with story, screenplay and dialog. The movie is engrossing and at least I was in the movie for all the time. Only the end seems a bit slow.

Overall, Rocket Singh is a wonderful movie made on an ‘average’ guy. As long as you like stories around common people, you’ll like it, probably love it. The movie gives space to detail, though only where it’s needed for the story. And the best part, whatever has been shown, has been shown properly. If you don’t like the movie, it would probably be because of what has not been shown. Songs, a ‘proper’heroine, a relationship, anything. Highly recommended for those who like to be to-the-point in the cut-throat race of world.

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