Movie Review: Paa

And the question rises once again. What are movie reviews for? To give one’s opinion on whether a person reading the review should go and watch the movie or not. Isn’t it? So I can finish reviewing Paa in one, two or three words. Here are the three reviews.

3 Word Review: Just Loved it!

2 Word Review: Go, Watch!

1 Word Review: Paa.

Rating: 9 on 10. In the hope that Mr Bachchan may still have some surprise someday.

My WORK is over. But if you still want to read on, you sure can.

Now that you have shown the willingness to read ahead, I should give you the story from start. Abhishek Bachchan joined Twitter on 3rd November. The promotion of Paa started on 4th, right one month before the release. And I was mad about the movie ever since I saw Amitabh Bachchan’s face on the evening of 4th November.

Since that day, Paa team has been saying ‘Introducing Amitabh Bachchan’ which I felt was a little too much for a mere film, however good it might be. But today, after watching the movie I’d say they are right. They HAVE introduced a new Amitabh Bachchan today. Hats Off to Mr Bachchan.

And now, I come to the movie.

It starts off well. An idea-l* politician, a courageous doctor-mother, an even more courageous, more understanding grandmother, and a mature with mind, witty and too mature with body Auro. That makes a small, perfect cast for the wonderful story of Paa. I don’t want to give the spoiler here so I wouldn’t talk much about the story. All I can say is that the story is amazing and so is direction and acting of Amitabh, and even Abhishek, Vidya, and Arundhati Naag. The only thing that beat them all in the movie is the look of Amitabh which does not let you think at any point of time that it’s him. Paresh Rawal hasn’t got as much as others but has been good in whatever he gets to do.

One line for the Hollywood fans. PAA IS NOT BENJAMIN BUTTON. (Though make up artists could be same, they both have superb getups)

Ilayiaraaja’s music is wonderful and even a small Halke se Bole is effective. And while make up artists are as good as Amitabh, Cinematography of PC Sreeram is good too.

Overall, Paa, which belongs to Auro, is probably the best movie of the year. It’s big on emotions, good at wit, harsh on media, gives some funny moments, and has imperfect characters who strive to do good. It has negatives but it gives you a lot of positivity too. Go, watch it.

PS: The only question on my mind about the movie is why was the movie named PAA and not AURO. My guess is somebody must have thought of that name, and seriously.

* – Pun Intended 😉

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