Hamara Bajaj: in Memories and Youtube

hamara bajajye zameen ye aasmaan
ye zameen ye aasmaan
hamara kal, hamara aaj
buland bharat ki buland tasveer,
hamara bajaj…

This advertisement had stopped being there on television years ago. But then, there were new versions and new scooters and memories of old TV that kept hamara bajaj alive. And now, it’s finally going to be over. Hamara Bajaj is finally departing from the scooter segment. Now we’ll have only Bajaj motorcycles, and hopefully Bajaj cars in sometime.

I hope most of us remember what Bajaj has been to us. I have never had a scooter at my home, but I remember the days when everybody who came home on a scooter had a Bajaj, a Chetak to be precise. Agree or not, Chetak was better known as a scooter of Bajaj than Maharana Pratap’s dear horse whose name the former bears.

The reason for Bajaj’s stopping scooters is clear. They were not selling. And while it would be completely okay if they were closing it because of motorcycles taking over the market, it feels a bit strange to know that scooters still sell, just not the Bajaj ones. Now the scooters that sell belong to Honda. While TVS has been able to survive the scooter market with its Scooty and Pep; Bajaj, once having 80% share of the scooter market, could not survive the competition.

Bajaj had come up with a new version of Hamara Bajaj advertisement a few years back. Later, Bajaj changed its logo. Now it would be worth seeing if they come up with a newer Hamara Bajaj advertisement or do something like that, or just let the old go without a hum. I wanna see.

By the way: Here is the much demanded Hamara Bajaj video:

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