Drive Against Piracy not that Easy

So here is the latest in the drive against piracy. Vidhu Vinod Chopra produced musch awaited 3 Idiots will be available online twelve weeks after release. Producers hope this will help reduce piracy. And the hope is bound to remain just hope.

How long does it take to get a movie pirated? When a movie is released, sometimes it may take 2-3 days to one week for pirated prints to arrive in the market and some movies even fare better as you can find the pirated copies on the first day itself. Though I do not know if the second is really the case in present as I have not seen a pirated CD for long now.

Anyway, the point is you can get a good quality pirated copy (read watchable) of the movie within two to four weeks with a few exceptions.

The speed at which movies get old today is clear. Isn’t that the reason Blue was on television only 6 weeks after release? And since movies are getting older fast, producers are doing their bit to curb piracy and earn in all the ways they can. But the problem of piracy is not going to die down by their bit. The producers will have to take more risk.

Moserbaer has done its work and is still proving the best thing ever against piracy and it has proved that lowering the cost of movie makes things positive for all, but we still have a long way to go.

We are hoping to get movies’ direct release on DTH not very long in future. But then, the DTH audience will be much limited as most of the homes still rely on cable connection and DTH access itself is limited. So DTH is certainly not going to have a big role in curbing piracy as of now.

The last means is finally coming here. Make a movie and put it online. Now certainly you cannot do it instantly but then, four to six weeks after the release of a movie, cinema halls no longer show any movie. The last film I could see in a multiplex six months after release was Taare Zameen Par. That, in PVR, one show a day in a smaller screen theater. So I think putting a movie online four to six weeks after release is a good idea. Of course, if you put the movie on Youtube, you can get some good amount at the start and later maybe some royalty too.

End of the day, a fight cannot be won sitting on a throne. If you have to beat piracy, you will have to come down to fight with it. You will certainly have to work harder and you may lose some cash in some ways too, but to earn more in other ways, it is a must. Release your DVD with the movie, sell music online, release movies on DTH, reduce prices of CDs, release movies online, and keep thinking how else to reach the viewer. Producers, welcome to the fight against piracy. Fight well, and remember, at the end, customer is the winner.

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