Dil to Bachcha Hai Ji: Ishqiya

The reason lot of people don’t listen to Hemant Kumar is not that his singing and that music doesn’t appeal to them, but simply because it’s old. In fact it’s not just about Hemant Kumar but many other old composers who are liked even now but not paid attention by many of us only because their music is old now and we want to listen to new music.

But then, we can always have old back here in new form. Something like that is done by Vishal Bharadwaj in Ishqiya’s song Dil to Bachcha hai ji. No, the song is not picked up from some old movie or something. But he comes up with a composition which sounds as old as some tune of fifty or sixty years back from now.

Gulzar’s lyrics do wonders to the song. The voice of the singer, most probably Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, is superb. And with minimalistic instruments, that too old age ones, you’d wonder when the song was actually composed.

Here is a promo and lyrics.


aisi uljhi nazar unse hat-ti nahi
daant se reshmi dor kat-ti nahi
umr kab ki baras ke safed ho gayi
kaari badri jawani ki chhant-ti nahi
wallah ye dhadkan, badhne lagi hai
chehre ki rangat, udne lagi hai
dar lagta hai tanha sone mein bhi
dil to bachcha hai ji..
dil to bachcha hai ji
thoda kachcha hai ji..
dil to bachcha hai ji..

PS: The song somehow reminds me of ek na ek din ye kahani banegi, tu mere sapno ki raani banegi.

Update: See full lyrics and translation Here.

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