Chori ka Poster: Love Sex aur Dhokha

I’ve never designed a movie poster. Neither do most of the posters I put here come from THE sources. I mean, half of them are indirect. In fact this one comes straight from a blog post written by the director of the film, Dibakar Banerjee. Oho, the guy who made a nest for Khosla Saab, Khosla ka Ghosla. And then even Oye Lucky Lucky Oye also. A film about a thief. Proving him right! He Deserves this. A chori ka poster. And why not, when the movie is called Love Sex aur Dhokha. Dhokha to dena padega na!

OK. Talks apart, the poster is brilliant. Seriously. Or so was written in the comments under the blog post. And even more, because my girl friend said so. Do I need any more reasons to say it’s brilliant? So here it is. The chori ka poster.

Liked it? I did too. All the crap I wrote at the top is because there wasn’t much to write about the poster. Almost nothing. But I did love it, and want to show it off to all. Okay, to all those who visit my blog. Yeah, that makes sense. And the words Chori ka poster make it sound interesting. And guess what, I’m waiting for the movie now. Kinda Dev.D feeling is coming up.

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