Chance pe Dance: Music Review

It’s different. It’s all about dance and you’ll get to know that when you get to hear the songs. Composer Adnan Sami, who composes all the songs of the movie except ‘Just Do it’, has tried to make the songs catchy and energetic but hasn’t been very successful in making things all good. In some songs he’s good, in some just okay and sometimes failure. Here is a review of CPD music, in Alphabetical order of songs.

Just Do It
: The less than two minute composition by Sandip Shirodkar and Ken Ghosh is sung by Amit Kumar. A dance rap that is quite new for Amit, though he’s been bit close to it in Jhankaar Beats. Voice sounds a bit different though and it’s not easy to guess whose voice it is. The lyrics of the song are interesting where Amitabh Bhattacharya (lyricist: Dev.D, singer: iktara) tries to explain what dance is. Definitely new and fresh. Try it to know if you like it. I certainly did.

One More Dance: During the past few monthsKunal Ganjawala has not been as successful as he used to be earlier. Probably because he’s not being given much chance by the best of music directors nowadays. This time he sings a composition of Adnan Sami and the result is almost the same again. The dance song, though it starts well and high on energy, falls to just okay not long after the start. Disappointing.

Pal mein Hi: If you haven’t heard it yet, go find it. (It’s there in this blog too, here). Pal mein hi is certainly the song that is going to make the CDs of CPD sell in the market. Soham Chakrabarthy and Shreya Ghoshal have sung this high pitched romantic, beatful-beautiful dance number. Lovable song.

Pe Pe Pein: This song is sung by Hard Kaur (sounding somewhat like in APKGK again), Neeraj Shridhar, and Master Saleem (Aahun Aahun). A dance song again where Adnan Sami has tried to do some experiments with Shehnai and been quite successful there. Neeraj Shridhar, Saleem, Shehnai and catchy music may make the song a hit if promoted well. Kumaar’s lyrics are in the right mood too. Interesting one.

The song also has a remix where the speed is slightly increased and some more instruments have been added in places, and even Tulsi Kumar has been added for a few lines. No big changes though.

Pump it Up: This time Adnan Sami calls him to sing and Vishal Dadlani gets one more composer added to his list. Though Vishal has been good to song, composing and mixing have not been as good as expected and the song gets lost somewhere in between after a good build up of one and half minute. Instrumental music becomes kind of too much while the song comes back but once lost, the taste doesn’t come back to the song, and the listener.

The remix version of Pump it up has some good beats and the remix impresses after aconfusing original version. I’d say try the remix version of the song. It’s more regular than the regular one, and better.

Though, my guess is that a dancing Shahid Kapoor can make people love this song as it sounds quite hyper energetic and if Shahid’s dance happens to be of the same level, it can make any song a dance anthem.

Rishta Hai Mera Aasmano se: Shaan and Tulsi Kumar sing this one. And believe it or not, for some reason, Tulsi sounds strange and kind of idiotic in the first line she sings. Thankfully, you don’t hear much of her but she makes a good song of Shaan somewhat mediocre. Though later on she’s OK, I wonder if the daughter of Cassette King is really good enough a singer to get the number of songs she does. Anyway, try the song. Shaan has been energetic in the song and it should anyway work. Some added patches of music sound good too.

Yaba Daba Yahoo: Kunal has sung one more song in the album and this one is even more energetic but sounds Anu-Malikish, which, I do not think works very well nowadays. The song is a bit too much on words and not that good with music. Average.

Overall, Chance pe Dance is above average but below expectations. Just do it, Pal mein hi, and even pe pe pein make things good, but one more dance and yaba daba yahoo don’t sound very good. Hope Shahid on screen makes things better for the album.

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