Avatar: NOT a review

I don’t see many English movies, or at least did not use to, until a few months back. So I do not think I am good enough to write a movie review for a normal English movie, let alone Avatar. The Avatar.

First thing, I loved the movie. I loved the effects, and even with those strange glasses, I loved the whole experience.

But, I do not think Avatar is one of the best movies ever made, and most probably, future will have things more in favor of the sentence.

I somewhere read Ram Gopal Varma said that there will be two eras. Pre-Avatar, and Post-Avatar. And I completely agree with his view. Avatar is a wonderful watch. In fact, talking of the 3D effects and visuals, I would say wonderful is a very small word. Once made, Avatar is going to make others follow. It IS going to set standards, but in the end, it will end up being just a beginner of great visuals and new-age 3D effects, because the script and screenplay of Avatar is not as great as many, many other Hollywood movies.

So my guess is, while Avatar will be a beginning of many good things, there should be, would be, many films in the future where you will be getting the same standard of visuals as Avatar and a better story, better script, better screenplay, and overall a much better film.

Still, at the same timeI would like to say that even though there will be films, Avatar deserves the credit for setting new, revolutionary standards of visuals. And even if Avatar gets a few Oscars for that, they’d be completely deserved.

As a last thing, I would like to recommend the movie to all who haven’t seen it, to watch the movie in a 3D cinema hall, or at least a 3D show. Because it’s not many times you get to see the start of a new era. Even if it’s only of movie visuals.

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  1. I somehow get the feeling that you were impressed by the visuals but the story left you quite unimpressed.

    For me, it was the other way around. It was the visuals which immersed me into the story. It was like experiencing Na’vi like “I was There”.

    3D pre-Avatar has always been about throwing stuff at the screen as audiences pull themselves. This was NOT the point here.

    More about it on my rant here on Avatar: http://bit.ly/8LHOy7

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