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The review doesn’t have the story, but some little points about it.If you want to avoid spoilers completely, leave the parts appearing between <spoiler> and </spoiler> tags.

Do you know what is Aamir Khan paradox? Simple. It’s unfortunate that we make a movie on college students with a 44 year old Aamir Khan, not believing any young actor to be able to perform the role and wondering how a 44 year old will look 22 (actually even less, 17-18 if you talk of first year of engineering) but end of the day he performs there and fortunately, looking 22 or not, he manages to make himself fit in the role, not even making people think if the role demanded a younger actor, of the age of Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan.

Yes. 3 Idiots is a good film, though solely for entertainment. And this, too, belongs to Aamir Khan aka Rancho.

Also, while Rajkumar Hirani might have given statements saying 3 Idiots is not based on Five Point Someone et cetera, the movie is officially based on the novel with end credits stating the same. And though there are big changes from the novel, there are huge similarities too, especially in the first half.

<spoiler>The movie starts with Bare Beginnings where first change from the novel comes as Aamir doesn’t go pantless or even shirtless.</spoiler> And from there, similarities and dissimilarities keep coming up throughout the first half. But the greatest dissimilarity between the novel and the movie is that where Five Point Someone has some ground and does stick to at least some degree of reality, 3 Idiots completely goes over the logic at uncountable times and talks only fun.

Talking of the movie, the first half of the movie has some wonderful sequences but most of the sequences end up just being good sequences and the movie hardly moves in terms of story. <spoiler>The end of first half is shock and awe that ends soon after interval. Also, Aamir Khan turns out to be straight from Taare Zameen Par in some scenes of first half, especially with Boman Irani. At times you might wonder if the guy is talking like a student or a teacher as you find the same guy talking similar things as he did in TZP. </spoiler> While Farhan’s (Madhavan’s) story is good even without giving him much to act, Raju’s (Sharman) family and father have been treated strangely as the director seems confused on whether to find comedy in a family’s plight or not. Ultimately Hirani tries some comedy and though he succeeds in making people laugh, one might easily wonder whether one is watching a movie or an MTV spoof.

The second half is more story oriented and makes the movie more than a collection of small sequences. <spoiler> In the second half Aamir doesn’t preach about the system but advises his friends to work for their passions and finally we see some practical examples too. In between, Sharman does an Alok from the movie and we go hospital. </spoiler> Interestingly, even with his repeated tactics, you find Hirani at his best in the hospital. And quite understandably so. 🙂

The pre-penultimate scene of delivery gives a lot of knowledge and has been filmed with more depth than many before but somehow things look bit too unrealistic which does not give a good impression until we are talking comedy. The next sequence, with Kareena, is even more strange as it goes exactly in the opposite direction from that of logic. <big spoiler>I have never seen a hero’s friends make the heroine run away from her marriage just because they have his address now. On top of that, Heroine doesn’t even ask the whereabouts of the hero. Don’t know whether the makers were trying to save hero’s time or petrol. </spoiler>

The end of the movie is interesting anyway. The Chatur sequence makes people laugh even in the last seen which is not very common with comedies, and that is one good part of the movie.

The bad parts are bad in varying degrees. While Aamir’s statistics like they were in TZP don’t fit in Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots, they don’t trouble either. Also, while it’s understandable that Hirani has a love for miracles in medical field, his filmy-ism beating science continuously becomes too much at times.

Talking of acting department, Aamir is a better student than expected, though he acts like ‘Nikumbh Sir’ at some points in the first half. Madhavan doesn’t have much role and that may be one reason for making him the narrator. By the way, Aamir could not be the narrator with this story for obvious reasons (obvious after you see the movie). Anyway, Madhavan is strong in scenes with his family, probably the only place where he had to take the lead. Sharman is good and fits really well in the role. Kareena Kapoor is brilliant again, probably because you can find traces of Jab We Met’s Geet in Pia. But to my disappointment, Boman Irani is almost a wasted talent here. Boman’s character has been a caricature, and he ends up being neither a vicious and/or strict director nor a comedy inducing element. By the way, Omi (Chatur) is worth a mention and has been quite consistent throughout the movie. Rahul Sharma as millimeter is not someone people will remember for long but he was good in the movie.

And finally, the thing I loved the most, which is Swanand Kirkire’s genius lyrics. Incidentally, I had not written a music review for 3 Idiots and now I think it’s good I didn’t because I could probably not appreciate Swanand’s lyrics as much as I can do today. While Shantanu Moitra’s music has been good, Swanand’s lyrics and Sonu Nigam’s voice have been utilized to the core and make and break (not really break, actually) the mood of the movie. Right from a touchyBehti hawa sa tha wo, to a deep, almost-penetratingJaane Nahi Denge Tujhe, Sonu Nigam and Swanand Kirkire almost control the viewer’s mood. The only bad thing, Give me some sunshine is not there in full.

Cinematography of Muraleedharan is good too. You need to see only the starting and end credits for that. While Behti hawa sa tha jo has some picturesque scenes from Simla, Ladakh is marvelous in the last scenes.

Overall, 3 Idiots is full too entertainment. While the movie has its own shortcomings and weaknesses, it’s certainly good enough to be watched once. I’d say go for it if you can, and in case you cannot, you can always enjoy the movie on DVD. Or even internet now. Legally. Just wait for twelve weeks. 😉

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  1. spoilers

    Well,why heros friends make the heroine run away ? they dint have only address. Remember, Ranchhod himself is a family to Rancho. So whatever info he gave to Raju, Farhan, has to be perfect. There was no worry that ‘if we can’t find Rancho there’.

    Loved your review – sequence by sequence. Nikumbh sir was perfectly seen in that ‘classroom’ scene. Farhantrite PreRajulisation. It was reminiscent of TZP scene when title song ends.

    Can’t see your rating here 🙂 4/5??

  2. @indresh
    ToI and ET are same. n now u can see, their rating must have changed. I saw ToI changing. this is because their regular, Nikhat, writes late in the night, around 8-9 and they don’t want to lose readers. now it’s 4.5.
    btw, thanks for the comment. movie is anyway worth a watch. enjoy it. 🙂

  3. Not a good review.. I m not saying about your likes or dislikes about the movie(Though my views differ alot).. You don’t need to tell whole story or scenes word bt word.. Your Reference to TZP is clear but emphasizing repeatedly makes it boring to read.. Try it to make it more crisp and to the point…

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