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After I review a movie, a common question asked is, ‘What is your rating for the movie?’ as I don’t put ratings in my reviews. So here I launch the star ratings on my blog with 3 Idiots. Here I’ll not talk about review, the review will be separate and here I’ll give just the ratings.

First let me talk of some more ratings. Start with the bottom. Raja Sen, in his Rediff review gives the movie a 2 star rating, but I am not convinced by his argument that Rajkumar Hirani is using his old formulas and his standard doesn’t allow this movie. Simple and straight, if it makes one laugh, comedy is working and if it makes one cry, the drama is working too.

On the other hand, while Times of India’s first reviewer, Gaurav Malani gave the movie a FIVE STAR, their regular one, Nikhat Kazmi finally settled for four and half, both ignoring the fact that the movie in the first half is just a box full of good scenes and sequences, almost devoid of a story, at least a running one.

Regarding Taran’s review, I won’t say much. I just read the end paragraphs and decided not to read it in full. Not because of time problems for sure.

Finally speaking about my own rating, I’d say I am dwindling a 3.5 and 4, but since I was happy when I came back from the theater, and so were people I could see, I’ll go for a 4.

Update: NDTV Movies has not given a review by Anupama Chopra this time for obvious reasons (though I had forgot them for a while) and guest critic Mayank Shekhar gives the movie a 3.5 star rating.

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