Raftaar: Music Review

Mostly I write reviews to tell people about good music. But there are instances when I have to write to warn people about the things to refrain from. And today is one such day.

So here is this album called Raftaar that I somehow managed to convince myself to listen to once. And the result was as bad as I had not even expected.

The album starts with a song called Allazi Allazi (typed Allahji Allahji there) sung by Udit Narayan and others. Well, the song is a piece that could go for a mediocre song 10 years back coming from Nadeem Shravan. But right now is not the time for the song.

The second song called Aaj ki Raat is so bad that I can leave a blockbuster if the song is added to the movie, just to avoid the song. Don’t know who sang, don’t want to see the credits.

The next song, Raftaar is not worth listening for sure but after the last disaster sounds better. The fourth song, Rooth Jana, sung by Kumar Sanu is still OK and belongs to 15 years ago. Still, this is one song that has some melody element and can be listened to. Not that bad.

The last song, Tute jaise taara, sung by Sukhwinder Singh is, well, completely out of its time again. The song could somehow survive as a Sufi number in the ’90s, but now is not the time.

Overall, Raftaar is an album that u have to put back if u happen to pick it up at some music store. Need not see the big names of Udit Narayan, Kumar Sanu and Sukhwinder. They sing what the composer makes them sing. What’s his name? Yeah, Nitin Raikwar.

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