Pizza, Pasta, me

It seems I am very much inspired by Shashi Tharoor’s Elephant, Tiger and Cellphone. That could be the only explanation of my every fourth blog post title being in three words. Anyways, this time it’s about Domino’s Pizza delivery services and me and since I could not think of anything else, I titled the post on Pizza, Pasta and me, the main three chracters of this story, as I do not know the name of the guy at the Domino’s.

Well, it’s been some time since Domino’s has been giving tempting advertisements on their newly found product, Domino’s pastas. Of course, they have tried to make the advertisements such that if you are hungry (or even if you’re not, do they care), you just pick up the phone, dial their number, and order a Pasta.

But if you actually do that, the answer would be “Sorry Sir, we do not deliver side orders”, or something like that.

Surprised? Well, I was certainly surprised when I ordered a pasta and garlic bread with coke from the nearest Domino’s some 15 days ago, and the guy at the other end told me that it was a side order and they did not deliver side orders until I ordered a Pizza. Believe me, I had an order of more than Rs 200 but they were not up for it, while they could come to deliver a single regular Pizza even if the order value was much less. I was quite baffled but since it was night and I didn’t have many options left, I ordered a regular Pizza along with my order and got it within half an hour.

Now, the question is what is Domino’s expecting. Do they think everybody who watches their advertisement will first think of ordering a pizza because it’s Domino’s, or that they will thrust a pizza upon all, or a majority customers who order a Pasta? Or is it that they made an advertisement which shows things more ambitious than they actually are.

I’m still wondering. Any answers, Domino’s?

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