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Paa is an album I had been long waiting for. No, it’s not something that you would be humming after listening to it once and forget by the next month. It’s something that will take its own time, to come as well as to go. One important thing about the album is that while Ilayaraaja has been good with his music in the album, Swanand Kirkire has been an equal with his pen as the lyrics are wonderful almost everywhere, without much of an exception.

Here is my review of the album, Paa.

Mudi Mudi Ittefaq Se: The album opens with the well known, promoted song mudi mudi ittefaq se, sung by Shilpa Rao. Shilpa has always sung good songs and this one is no exception. But then Shilpa sings this song a bit differently as the ‘rough’ element in her voice is not visible, or rather audible, in the song. A good number that may stick to your tongue, and keep your mind busy in the tongue twisting song.

Gummsumm Gumm: The second song, Gumsum gum can make you feel for the first 10-15 seconds that you have heard the tune. Yes, a tiny, small piece there is same as yeh hai meri kahani of Zinda, sung by Strings. But then I came to know that it’s another version of Ilaiyaraaja’s Malayalam song of ’80s. So in case u think it’s a copy of Strings (like I did earlier), know that the case is probably the other way round. Anyway, after that, Gummsumm takes a turn and seems like Gummsumm is right from the Roja age. The singing of Bavathrini and Shravan is full of innocence and the effect of chorus is wonderful. Lyrics of the song are good while the best part of the song is its last one and half minute.

Udhi Udhi Ittefaq se: The third song of the album is another version of Ittefaq se which doesn’t have many differences compared to the first version. Some changes in lyrics and slight changes in music and singing are all that is there. Probably put in the album just to make sure every version that is there in the movie goes in the album too.

Hichki Hichki: The next song, hichki, is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan. But this is nothing like a typical Sunidhi song. Hichki uses the Sunidhi’s voice in a beautiful way without going to high pitch. A slow, soft song with some light music that puts more stress on the lyrics and singing. I think it’s a song that Sunidhi would love to have to her credit.

Gali Mudi Ittefaq se: Here is the third version of Ittefaq se, called Gali mudi ittefaq se, and it’s Shaan behind the microphone this time. The slower version of the song has some good instrumental parts in between while compared to other versions. The lyrics are quite different, though Shaan doesn’t sound that perfect in his singing this time, falters a little bit near the end. Good still.

Halke se Bole: The next song of the song, Halke se bole, is actually a small, less than one a half minute piece sung by a chorus of children, probably the classmates of Auro in the movie. My guess is that it could be touchy in the movie. Got to see this one.

Mere Paa: The joke says, Himesh stops singing nasal. Amitabh starts. Mere paa, sung by Amitabh Bachchan, is a beautiful, wonderful, cute song with some superbly created music by Ilayaraja. The only thing I can say about the song is go for it. The lyrics are absolutely wonderful, and so is music, but Amitabh takes away all the credit for the song with his probably greatest ever song, in probably his best ever movie. Wow! see my optimism even before the movie is out.

Paa theme remix: At the end of the album there is Paa theme remix. And Paa becomes probably the first album of a movie with the remix of a song that actually doesn’t exist in the album. Yes, Paa theme is nowhere in the album other than inside the song Mere Paa, but the remix is there. Also, interestingly, this is the remix of an instrumental. I don’t remember having seen one before this.

Overall, it’s lovable. Still, if you don’t have the patience for much, go straight to Mere paa. I hope you’d love at least that.

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  1. Harshit,
    How does it feel to refer to 15 seconds of a recent song from Strings as a possible source for Gumsum Gumsum without realising that it is a new version of the song from Ilaiyaraja’s own Malayalam hit from 1982? Well, you ain’t alone. One reviewer went to the extent of saying that it was ‘inspired’ by Rahman’s Kuchi Kuchi Rakamma song from Bombay!

    Just goes on to show that there needs to be more ‘awareness’ about Indian music scene.

    I just loved the Hichki composition and its complex patterns. What a rhythm! and how well the lyrics go with it! You ar

  2. You are one of the very few reviewers who have recognised its beauty and the genius in the ‘Hichki’ composition. Most of them seem to have brushed it off as a mere ‘situational number'(I guess this is what happens when Trade Analysts write Music Reviews!) 🙂

  3. Ilayaraja is the greatest musician in India. Media wasnt so powerful to promote his music during the 80s when he ruled the south indian film industry. Even today a small album gets a high promos in television and nevertheless they are not of high quality.

    He is a versatile composer.

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