Mudi Mudi Ittefaq se: Paa/Shilpa Rao


Paa is something I have been looking forward to from the very time I got to know about the movie. The day their website, paathefilm was launched, I was sitting in front of my monitor with speakers on, playing the paa tune for hours. And now, there is Mudi Mudi, sung by Shilpa Rao that is out there on music channels.

The song, composed by Ilayiaraaja, is a wonderful number. While you feel the song is yet another normal song when you hear it for the first time, as the time passes and you listen to it more, you like it more and more. Though the lyrics of the song are a bit of tongue twisters and the words mudi mudi kahan kahan kahan kahan main mudi mudi ittefaq se/ judi judi jahan tahan kahan main judi judi ittefaq se/ ghadi ghadi kyun main kyun, udi main udi, ghadi ghadi kyun udi/ judi judi kyun main kyun, udi main udi, judi judi kyun udi/ kyun mudi udi thi judi ittefaq se definitely take their own time to set there. And even if they don’t, the music sticks to your mind and keeps challenging to find the words.

Also, Shilpa Rao, who has been mostly known for some element in her voice that I cannot name as roughness, sings the song in a different way here and her voice sounds more like other singers’ voice, say Alka or Shreya. But then, at the same time, her voice still sounds more mature than that of Shreya, probably the reason Ilaiyaraaja has preferred her this time.

In short, it’s something I’ve fallen in love with. If you haven’t yet heard it, try this link.

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