Movie Review: Tum Mile

Tum Mile

How to make a good movie? One of the first requirements of a movie is a good story. Though there are film makers who have the talent to make a movie worth a watch even with an okay script, not every one can do that. And Kunal Deshmukh is not that great. At least not in making Tum Mile.

Tum Mile is a story of a modern day couple who are in a live-in relationship and facing real life problems. They have their good times, and the bad ones. And even though it’s not been perfect, director has been quite successful in reaching his audience with this one thing. He succeeds in showing that the problems we face after marriage exist almost as big even in a live-in relationship.

But then, he’s given the story a backdrop of Mumbai storm of 26th July 2005. This is the part where the director fails. The movie starts in the plane, goes into flashback, and keeps on moving back and forth from thereon. The flashback parts have good mixture of emotions, music and the daily problems of the couple, but the picturization of storm starts from okay and keeps getting worse as the movie proceeds. By the time of climax, Soha is breathing with a pipe in water and Emraan Hashmi seems to be part of the cast of Blue rather than Tum Mile.

Tum Mile is something I can’t tell about a lot. Because, of the two parts of the movie, one is useless, and the other is something that almost everybody is familiar with. The emotional warfare between Emraan and Soha is right from ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’ and has been pictured quite matter-of-factly. But even in that, Emraan’s unprofessional attitude sometimes goes a bit over the top. Still, many people would more or less identify with thecharacter.

Talking of acting, it was the first movie of Emraan Hashmi I saw in full, be it on big screen, DVD, or even television (discounting Kalyug where he had a side role) and I liked him in the role. Soha is quite okay and seems natural in many places. The Lagegi guy of Bindass, Mantra, has been good, though he’s been killed for no reason in the movie. May get more sympathy. And I’m told girls will like him. 😉

Overall, Tum Mile is a movie that could have been much better had the director been focused but adding Bollywood Masala and a not-really-required backdrop has made things bad. Still, the flashback is mostly good and keeps you held at times. Pritam’s music here is no doubt, top-quality and probably the best thing in the movie. In fact I was wondering during the movie if I could watch just these songs for two hours. At the same time, background music of Raju Singh is good too.

It would be a good idea to see this movie on a Moserbaer DVD rather than theater as you could fast forward parts or stop it if you want. If only you can afford to miss the magic of Dil ibadat and Tu humkadam Tu humsafar Tu humnava mera.. on those big speakers.

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