Movie Review: De Dana Dan

A typical Priyardarshan movie, De Dana Dan is yet another piece where you feel like going inside the 70mm screen and telling the characters “Stop, please stop the unnecessary confusion.” Yes, this is what happens, nobody in the movie knows why, how and from where things are happening.

De Dana DanThe movie starts with two love stories, rich girls love poor boys with the main problem being no money with the lover boys and the girls’ fathers want their daughters to get married to rich boys, so what to do next? Simple answer is to get money from anywhere, so the plan is to kidnap Moolchand Ji who happens to be Archana Puran Singh’s pet dog, but somehow it so happens that instead of the dog Akshay kidnaps himself and then the whole confusion starts. Now there is another story of Paresh Rawal going on in which he is trying to marry off his son to some rich guy’s daughter so that he gets a heavy dowry through which he can clear all his debts, and the rich guy being the lover girl’s dad, the story continues with more and more confusion adding on to it. Though in the end the lover boys do get the money but the confusion still remains.

With a big cast and really good actors, the movie belongs to Akshay and Paresh Rawal. Also, there are times when you realize that Sunil Shetty is part of the movie. The heroines, Katrina Kaif and Sameera Reddy, seem non existent. Seeing Asrani and Johnny Lever after a long time expectations from the movie increase, but although Johnny Lever plays a considerable part, he does not help much.

Taking all the big comedians in the movie does not always make it a good comedy and that’s what we see here, though you will find some scenes where u can actually laugh. After all it is supposed to be a comedy.

The reaction of the audiences was as confusing as the movie, there were people leaving the theatre and there were also people who were really laughing at every second scene. Still, by the last half an hour or something, almost everybody was waiting for the movie to end.

The good part in the movie is Akshay, who really tries hard to make it a comedy movie and not a comedy play going scene by scene. And though there is some amazing cinematography and a few good numbers, the movie still turns out to be nothing more than an average fare. Better wait for it to come on Moserbaer or Colors until you are a huge fan of Priyadarshan.

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