Kurbaan: Movie Review

I had huge expectations. They didn’t get fulfilled. But I saw a good movie.

I think that was my mistake when I went to see Kurbaan. I wanted things to be perfect, but expecting perfection from a debutant director is not always a good idea. Still, the movie is overall good and in some places even outstanding. At least when u r sitting in Saif’s class.

KurbaanKurbaan starts with a quick love story where Saif makes Kareena fall in love with her with his ever-so-smart techniques, just like Ek Hasina Thi or Love Aaj Kal, though this time it was not that good. Still SRK’s teachings from Kal ho naa ho work and he gets Ladki in within some days if not six. Then a marriage that happens nowhere in the movie, and direct to US. There she comes to know about Saif even before Interval and people wonder what lies ahead. Still the movie goes on with the purposes of saving bombs from exploding while a love story goes on, entangled in bombs’ wires.

The beginning of the movie is a bit too fast or rather some things are missing, at least from the perspective of Indian audiences, so things look a bit strange there. But as the movie progresses in the US, things get somewhat thrilling and ultimately the director remains successful in keeping the viewers’ attention. Entry of Vivek Oberoi makes things interesting and you get to see a role well performed by him, without becoming a ‘bhai’. Climax is good, and so is the love story, though you can find a minor, but impossible flaw during the climax about the FBI chief/officer/whatever. Also, the end is kind of abrupt and might not suit the needs of some viewers. Also, Saif’s class is one thing in the movie that stands out and you might remember it even after the movie gets over.

Saif is good, but not always as good as expected. Kareena has been better than her previous self and even Saif. Vivek Oberoi is really good, probably better than Saif again. Om Puri is natural, while Kirron Kher is outstanding, in her intensity and mostly in accent too. Kulbhushan Kharbanda is easily forgotten because of his small role. Diya Mirza has got almost no role but she looks fine in whatever given.

Salim-Sulaiman’s music isdefinitely good. And even better, songs have been placed where they should have been, except in the first half hour while two early songs get a little bit too much. In fact mostly songs have been cut short in order to maintain pace while Ali Maula in the movie has lyrics different than those in the album. And yes, Rasiya has been shot really wonderfully. Keep your children away. 😉

Overall, the movie is good. The best part of the movie is that the story keeps you interested throughout and even when things seem odd, you find yourself wondering ‘what next?’. The bad thing is that Rensil D’Silva has left the movie with way too many flaws, though minor, that weren’t really expected from him even in his debut movie. All I would say is, go, watch the movie, but lower your expectations. Don’t demand perfection, and you’ll probably like it. Maybe love it too.After all, it’s way too good from the standards of Dharma Productions. 😛

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  1. Truly. A much needed break from the old for Dharma. I think whenever they need a departure from eye-soaking melodrama, they rope in vivek- 1st kaal n now kurbaan. And let’s hope this cameo goes on to be vivek’s much awaited ‘arrival’ ever since he took a premature ‘departure’ from cinema..! Wat else – the title.. I felt it was a bit too heavy. who gave the kurbaani after all, apart from a cupl of out-of-focus suicide bombers..? The explosions though, were exquisitely filmed… at least from bollywood’s standards.. n talkin of spl effects- Diya was flawless ;).. Shukran Allah !!

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