Best Music for 2009: Your Say

This year has been huge. Though there were very few releases in the first half of the year, there have been enough movies to give me a tough time when I decided to ‘nominate’ some movies to decide which has been public’s favorite. So here is my shortlist of movies for Your Award of Best Music in 2009. Feel free to suggest more movies if you think they are among the best.

Which movie had the Best Music according to you in 2009?

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Author: Harshit

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22 thoughts on “Best Music for 2009: Your Say”

  1. My Top 10 Albums
    2.Delhi 6/Kaminey
    3.London Dreams
    4.Luck By chance
    5.Love aaj kal
    6.Tum mile
    10.Wake Up Sid

  2. Delhi6 for me the album of the year(Rehna tu and dil gira dafatan are simply awesome)

    dev d also very close to it though..

    With London dreams at 3rd and Raaz tmc, Jashnn at 4th n 5th places respectively.

  3. I quite quite agree. Rehna Tu and Dil Gira Daffatan make huge songs. But then Dev.D was a complete soundtrack. I’m confused myself. Can’t select one.

  4. i vote for “DEV D”..

    cuz think a it was creativity in a totally natural feel blending smoothly with its background… n touched every gesture of today.

    really………hats off to Amit Trivadi!!

  5. My Top 10 Albums:

    1. Delhi-6
    2. Dev.D
    3. Love Aaj Kal
    4. Kurbaan
    5. Wake Up Sid
    6. Luck By Chance
    7. Kaminey
    8. Raaz: The Mystery Continues
    9. Blue
    10. Tum Mile

  6. guys…i think you miss something…..where is what’s your raashee? album…don’t get me wrong…i think this album deserves special mention. most critics love the songs from what’s ur rashee? newcomer like sohail sen should deserved some credit here…just my 2 cents..I’m a fan from malaysia…

  7. @mimi
    Well, I guess the song could be here in the list. and it was there in my first list before finalizing. But I doubt many people would think the album was good enough to come in the top five too. So it’s not there. No doubt Sohail Sen was good as a newcomer, but I guess he needs time, at least one more album to be at the top.

  8. Kept clicking between Delhi 6 and DevD. Finally, DevD !! Cause its piece of cake for Rahman to give gorgeous OST. But Amit Trivedi deserves accolades.

  9. Top 5 albums for me
    1] Dev D
    2] Kaminey
    3] Delhi6
    4]Radio& Whats ur rashee
    5] APKGK

    There are other names which atleast deserves mention.. Raaz, Tum mile, London Dreams, Love Aaj kal, Wake up sid,..

  10. every fuckin trk of DEV-D is rockin …….i dont think any other movie has got so many good trks
    Hats off to Amit Trivadi…phenomenal music man!

  11. 1.Dev.D
    2.Delhi 6
    3.Tum Mile
    4.Wake Up Sid (especially because of Iktara)
    5.Love aaj kal

    didn’t really listen to Radio so, not gonna include that

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