Paisa: De Dana Dan (RDB)

Paisa: De Dana DanWhen I saw this song with RamLila uniforms for the first time on TV, I thought it was below the usual level of Akshay’s favorite Rhythm-Dhol-Bass. Though, after listening to the song for 3-4 times I was sure the song was not useless but I still didn’t know if it was as good as other numbers of RDB.

But then, I decided to go with my Speakers on. And there it was. RDB has not lost it. RDB has never been some Vishal Bharadwaj or A R Rahman to give long life songs but the song is almost as good as their usual masti songs. Once in full volume, RDB show their effect on you and the song sounds good for at least short term.

As usual, there is nothing much in the name of lyrics in the song and everything is based on RDB’s music and the ever so similar voice.Kyun paisa paisa karti hai/Kyun paise pe tu marti hai/ Ek baat mujhe batla de tu/ Us rab se kyun nai darti hai/ Kya hota hai paise ka paise ki laga doon dheri/ main baarish kar doon paise ki jo tu ho jaaye meri are lyrics that are easy to remember and with the catchy music, Paisa is going to be on people’s tongues along with radio and music channels for at least some time.

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