Aladin: Movie Review

AladinWarning: If you are above eighteen and proud of it, the movie may not be for you.

Yes. Aladin is not for those who remember the length of reel of the movie is 3646.35 meters. It’s for those who do not mind the Khwaish town which is somewhere near Delhi and Chandigarh falling somewhere near Nainital and Almora in Uttaranchal.

In short, if you are searching for an error-free, technically sound, perfect movie, DO NOT watch it.

But if you’re up for seeing and believing in whatever is happening on the screen as long as you’re in there, you’d probably love it.

I’d seen many reviews of Aladin and I would probably not see the movie at all had it not been for Vishal and Shekhar‘s huge recommendations on Twitter. Though I had to unfollow Vishal on my phone due to excess advertisement of the movie.

OK. I had gone to the movie with near absolutely zero expectations, just to see what were the effects everybody was talking about. It was a morning show and even though the hall was less than one third filled, I could see a lot of children and mostly their faces were as happy after the movie as before. For this, I’d say Well Done Sujoy.

So where to start? With Riteish I guess, as Riteish Deshmukh, or Aladin Chatterjee, is definitely the best part of Aladin. Riteish is a natural in the movie and while Amitabh Bachchan becomes too Genie-ish at times, Riteish looks so well set in his role that I once thought it was good he’s acting and hasn’t joined politics. Next I’d like to talk about the visual effects in the movie. Visuals is definitely one of the most important things when you make a movie for children and if nothing, this part has been taken care of. The first time the genie appears is something children would love to see. The cinematography is really good. Music is good too, though when Genie’s entry is followed by two back-to-back songs, things become a bit too much.

The story of Aladin with Jasmine (Jacqueline) looks innocent and that actually is the thing on which the entire Aladin rests on. Though Sanjay Dutt, the ringmaster is not a very well designed character and remains quite a mystery in many ways. Also there are some basic flaws in the movie like you do not get to know what exactly is the purpose of comet until it’s caught and used too, and the connection of Ringmaster and Professor. At the time of climax, the history of lamp becomes a bit too intricate for children and most would seek parental guidance.

Overall, Aladin is a movie of children and Riteish. Even though the movie has many basic flaws, there are things children (and children at heart) would like and that makes the movie worth. At the end, I’d summarize the movie in three lines from the genie rap of Aladin which say:

Aladin gimme a Taali
Sun tera bheja hai khaali
Tujh se aa ke kismat, hai gale milne wali..

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  1. Unfortunately I got the tickets for Aladin’s world premier here in New York City. Although I knew that this movie is for kids, it was unbelievably horrible for me and my company. I was just waiting for the movie to end as walking out of the movie is considered to be rude here.

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