The Changing Road

In earlier days, the only medium of communication was road. There was no post, no telegram, and of course no phones or short messaging services. If you wanted to send someone a message, you or your messenger had to hit the road, and go and deliver the message to the concerned person. It was in […]

Book Review: Kaal Kothari by Swadesh Deepak [Hindi Play] 1

It was a small book. I picked it up in the library because I wanted to finish it in one sitting. I didn’t know if I’d find time to come back and read the book again, though I never thought anybody would get it issued in the meantime. It just doesn’t happen with many Hindi […]

Farhan at BLrLitFest

Bangalore Literature Festival 2013 – Day 1 1

This was the first time I went for this festival. I got to know only a few months ago that last year Gulzar Saab came to Bangalore, gave a public appearance, and I missed it. So this time I had decided to finally see him. Yep, that was the first and foremost reason for going […]

Flipkart: Time to Do or Die?

A few years ago, say beginning of 2011, I became a Flipkart fan. Not the Facebook one, but one who bought something every month at least. 2011 was when I bought from them extensively. Especially after an order that was worth Rs 101 and was sent to a relatively remote town in UP via two […]

Flipkart vs Amazon: Will FK Survive?

Besharam – Lalit Pandit [Yeah, that’s Right] n Ishq-Shree

Besharam title song, for which credit is shared by the singers Ishq-Shree too. The song is anyway fine, though the trailer version looked more promising than the original song. Maybe it’s a victim of a little too much of experiments. Still, a fine background for the movie, if at all this movie keeps anything in […]

Zanjeer Music Review 2

The opening song of the album, Chirantan Bhatt’s Hum Hain Mumbai ke Hero is an addictive tune. But the lyrics of the song are so bad that using Amitabh Bachchan and Pran’s voices in the same song sounds bad to the legends. Anyway, Mika’s singing in the song is better than Priyanka’s acting, who, as […]


Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola: Music Review (Vishal Bhardwaj)

Vishal. Means Big. So he is, and this time, so is the soundtrack. Literally and figuratively. The man who brought us rock way back in 2003 and Kalinka in 2011 (as Darling) is this time here with a soundtrack of no less than twelve songs, ranging from Prem Dehati’s renderings to Zulu. Of course, you […]

Dabangg 2: Music Review [Sajid-Wajid] 1

Dabangg 2 seems to be beginning where Dabangg ended. Don’t know how much of Abhinav Kashyap’s magic is going to be there with Arbaaz, but at least music seems to tell you very clearly that it’s nothing other than Dabangg 2. Dagabaaz re, the first song of the album is almost an extension of Tere […]

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana: Music Review (Amit Trivedi) 5

Kikkli Kaller di. Hatt gayi heer di. Ranjha kare cheat ji. Kare heer kya! If you know what Kikli kaleer di is, then may be you already know what’s up in the song. But if not, let me give you an idea. Kikli kaleer di is a ‘traditional’ dance game for little girls. You can […]

Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Music Review (A R Rahman, Gulzar) 5

Challa ki labhda phire. When I heard that one, I was struck by a small shock. I was hoping that the movie shouldn’t suddenly become what became of Gulzar n Rahman’s last big thing with a big producer, the Taal guy, Subhash Ghai. n the movie was Yuvvraaj. The good part is that it’s not […]

Music Review: Rush (2012 film, music composed by Pritam) 7

Pritam and Ash King is turning out to be a winning combination. Once again Pritam gives Ash a similar kind of song, though this time Muazzam Beg n Rizwan Ali Khan make it all interesting. Kahin ye tere dil se to chhup chhup ke milta nahi is definitely worth listening to. Nicely composed. Even better […]

Book Review: Maharani by Ruskin Bond 1

Once again I’m writing a review for a Ruskin Bond book. Something that I should not do. Because I’m a fan, I love whatever Ruskin writes. And this was no exception. Pre-ordered the day I got to know about the book. Read within 36 houts of receiving it. Still, here I am writing, so read […]

Heroine: Music Review (Salim-Sulaiman) 4

If you had suddenly got some big hopes from Salim-Sulaiman like I did, this might be a disappointment for you. Yes, Salim-Sulaiman seem to have got the best of their creativity in Halkat Jawani itself. Even though Heroine is not exactly something to discard and has a few good things, Salim-Sulaiman are finally looking like […]

Barfi! Music Review (Pritam) 4

Anurag Basu and Pritam are a team. So much so for me that I generally tend to forget Kites as Anurag’s movie, going back dircetly to Metro, which the two worked on together, and literally rocked. Here, they come once again, to give you an album, where not a single piece of a single song […]